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Rich Pesos Released His Hit “Millyz”

Rich Pesos is an American Hip-Hop & R&B artist known for his versatile style and catchy hooks. He’s been creating music and refining his talents ever since the age of 14. Taking his sound to the next level in 2019, Rich released his debut single which sentimentally pays homage to his wife and their story, entitled “Already Know” followed by a music video. With a career beginning vibrant as ever, Rich Pesos is continuing to drop music after music!

Rich Pesos dropped the record “Millyz” and this was FIRE. the beat had an aggressive introduction with a trailblazing delivery. Rich Pesos crafted his signature sound that renders hints of several genres including reggae and afropunk, fused with coalescent mix of hip/hop and R&B. “Millyz” was a pleasantly polished hit song that could generate a strong buzz and rapid radio play. After listening to this record the first time, I found myself taking repeated listens. It was so addicting, and brought out the held-back energy in me. The contagiously driven ambitious that was displayed in “Millyz”. Rich Pesos is no doubt in mind an blissful and brilliant songwriter who has a career ahead of him filled with longevity and success. “Millyz” is a huge representation of what a hit record is supposed to sound like!

Listen to Millyz here and get to know more about Rich Pesos below!

When you began making music, did you have a clear vision on what you wanted your sound to resemble? 

I did have a clear vision on what my sound should resemble i have been heavily influenced by hip hop and trap music but i also love other genres of music such as Pop, R&B, and Reggae/Afropunk because i think outside the box when it comes to creating music i have been able to show my ability of songwriting for other artists  in all those genres.

Do you have any inspirations for your aggressive rap flow and trendy delivery?

My inspirations come from my favorite artists which are 50 cent and Smiff N Wessun 

“Millyz” was a dope record! What was the meaning behind this song? 

Thank you Millyz is one of my favorite records the meaning behind the song comes from me sharing my experiences of a point in my life when i didn’t have much but i did not let that deter me from reaching my goals and aspirations through hard work and determination. Overall Millyz touches on the bad and good parts of my life and it shows i made the most of my opportunities even through some tough obstacles.

What inspired you to write “Millyz” ? 

My inspiration for writing Millyz came from wanting to share my story which is relatable to a lot of people, I wanted to show that if you believe in yourself no matter what anybody else has to say you control your own destiny if you are willing to work for the things you want in life you can obtain them if you stay focused on the big picture and continue to push forward on a daily basis.

What’s next for you Rich Pesos!? 

You can expect to hear a lot of new music from me i will make sure I continue to get the music to my fans, i will also be doing some shows in the next couple of months, as well as continuing to write songs for other artists. 


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