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Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham Showcase Time Well Spent in “Memories of You”

Spirited duo and class acts Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham want to let your heart run free and soak in the magic of love with their latest passionate single and accompanying music video, "Memories Of You."

Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham are two halves that make a whole. Wyman's smokey vocals and thundering piano chops have landed him 10 ASCAP awards, along with collaborations with Eddie Van Halen, Alanis Morissette, and the Goo Goo Dolls. Needham's jaw-dropping three-octave range is enough to impress even the toughest of critics, which she's done at a handful of NYC nightclubs and cabarets.

Now sharing what is perhaps their most feel-good and immersive song to date, Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham bless our speakers with the radiant new single and music video for "Memories Of You."

The song is a lively and upbeat groove that dances the lines of modern rock, jazz, and soul. Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham bring such depth, energy, and passion in the lyrics about time well spent with a lover who will always have a place in their heart. They bring these themes to life in the song's engaging music video that cruises through the Utah valleys in a 1962 Lincoln Continental.

With shots of Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham grooving it out on the piano to hitting the open road, they showcase such undeniable artistic chemistry that's hard to come by in the modern industry. It's a refreshing look at true love and the beauty of each experience with that special someone.

From their captivating performance to the dreamy visuals, you won't want to miss the passion in Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham's new single and music video for "Memories Of You." Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rich Wyman & Lisa Needham. What led your duo to create a vibrant and soulful tune like "Memories Of You?" What inspired the two of you?

LISA: When you've been together long, you’re bound to go through many ups and downs. Rich has had a successful solo career for many years and was often on tour in Europe while we were raising a family. There were many stressful, lonely nights and what kept us connected, even though we were sometimes thousands of miles apart, were the memories of the love we felt for each other and all the beautiful times we've had together.

RICH: Lisa had some lyrics that she had written called “Memories of You” and asked me to put them to music. It’s not typically the way I write. I usually write the music first and then the lyrics. When we wrote “Memories of You,” Lisa gave me lyrics, and then I wrote the music. It’s different, but it’s pushed me in directions I might not usually go.

What message do you want listeners to know?

LISA & RICH: Writing together as a couple is new to us. We’ve only been doing it for about five years and discovered that we’re a pretty good co-writing team. We rarely go about the writing process with the idea of what message we want our listeners to get, but when you hear the same feedback repeatedly from one of our songs, you begin to see on a deeper level what the song is really about. People continue to tell us that they can feel our love for each other when they watch the video. That’s amazing to us, and we love hearing that. We didn’t set out to do that, but we’re pleased with the outcome.

What was your vision for the "Memories Of You" music video?

LISA: I created the graphics for the Memories Of You album artwork and all the merchandise with a 1950 Chevy Belair as the focus. My thought was to have something from the past become the theme, and when I found the photo with that classic aqua-green color, I just went with it. We discussed using that car in the video, but I’ll let Rich tell you about that.

RICH: We met with the video director and threw out a bunch of ideas, but when Lisa mentioned that she was using a 50’s car theme in all the social media posts and merchandise, our director asked to see the artwork and got very excited. We talked about how amazing it would be if we could get the exact same car and even better if we could get a similar one but with a convertible; we could use drone shots to get us inside the vehicle. So, we searched, and even though we didn’t find the exact care, we found something better. A 1962 silver-blue Lincoln Continental convertible that a friend of ours owned said he’d be honored if we used it in the video. I’m the only other person he’s ever let drive the car. It was like a dream to drive it.

What inspired the lush scenes of cruising down the open road through the Utah valleys?

RICH & LISA: Originally, we wanted to shoot it out in the desert, so it had a Thelma and Louise look to it, but the car wouldn’t make it out to the desert. So, we got creative with locations in the area around where we lived which wasn’t too hard to do living in one of the most beautiful states in the country. We found a few open spots where we could use the drone because shooting us from above in the convertible was a must and what the director called “the money shot”. We had to shoot early in the morning while it was cool outside because the car tended to overheat. Surprisingly, because of this, we got some beautiful sunrise shots which created stunning lights and colors for the director to work with.

Your duo seems to have quite the artistic chemistry in your "Memories Of You" music video. What was your experience shooting the video and creating those fun-loving scenes?

RICH: It was easy because we have such a natural connection. Our director would just put us in the location and tell us to be ourselves. Plus, we were blasting “Memories Of You” out of a boom box, grooving to the song as we shot the video. When we shot the murals in the tunnel, we picked out several that we liked and then just danced and sang away, mistakes and all, as the director kept the film rolling. It was a blast.

LISA: It was funny in the tunnel because people kept walking through the shots and would stop to watch, so we also had a bit of an audience at times. My favorite part was standing up in the Lincoln with my hair blowing in the wind and waving my arms like Audrey Hepburn. How can you not have fun with a car like that? It’s such a great prop. We also did a short photo shoot with me lying across the back of the car. I pretty much used the car in every possible way that I could. I took full advantage of it.

How does "Memories Of You" help listeners better know your duo? Would you say this is one of the most autobiographical songs you've written?

LISA: I guess you could say it’s is a pretty accurate account of how we are with each other. Especially the living room shots where we invite our listeners into our home. It might look like we’re performing, but this is how we rehearse when no one’s around. Something happens to us when we sing together. Something we’ve both noticed. It’s as if it generates more love between us. It’s so freeing. So, these living room shots were pretty authentic, except, of course, for my makeup and hair. I am usually rehearsing in my “comfy” clothes.

RICH: The “Memories of You” video depicts us doing more of our day-to-day life, driving a car, having a picnic, and goofing around. And yes, the living room shots show a more intimate portrait of our lives. Many of our songs are autobiographical and inspired by real-life events and emotions, so this is an excellent way for our listeners to get to know us more personally.


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