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Richard Berger is Back Again With “All The Love”

Back at it again with another hot track, Richard Berger is an alternative chill rock artist originally from the east coast. He moved to LA 13 years ago and has been following his passion for music for many years. His first EP “Not There” was released in November 2018. Followed up by his single “In My Head” January 2019. Back again with another spectacular piece Richard Berger now releases “All The Love” April 2019. Richard is a singer, keyboardist and guitarist. Every EP and single was written and recorded in his home studio. All of his music is mixed and mastered by John Melillo.

“All The Love” is an upbeat and psychedelic piece. We love the keys, the rhythmic flow throughout. It’s about a relationship that is fading apart, but then the realization that everything they want and need is right in front of them. “You are all the love I need” is the main message and a meaningful lyric, it’s an important discovery that not everyone is lucky enough to find.  “All The Love” is easily relatable because of the ups and downs that every relationship goes through. Richard Berger relates to his fans on many levels. We’re certain that there’s more exciting things to come from Richard Berger and we’ll be on the lookout for his next single!

Listen to Richard Berger's new track "All The Love" here.

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