Richey Spring’s “She Can Save Me” Will Put You On A Serious Wave

Another talented artist from Ontario, Canada (we’re loving the amount of talent we’ve been getting from Canada lately). Richey Springs is the next rap artist we MUST introduce to our BuzzMusic readers. Richey is a multi-faceted artist. Plain and simple. His music is derived from so many various genres, the elements beautifully combined into tracks worth some serious recognition. Although new to the music industry, Richey Springs is anything but inexperienced. And truly, some artists can be inexperienced in the music industry, and yet it is as if music is meant for them—art is meant for them, and completely true of Richey Springs. We’re loving the new music on Richey’s part, and we’re more than excited to introduce his latest projects to you guys. 

Alright, we have to say that the vibe from “She Can Save Me” right from the start is insane. The production of this track is stellar—the curation and manifestation of the synths and beats are extraordinary. When Richey Springs begins to rap, we’re begin to feel heavy elements from Tyler the Creator’s original work. The sound is eerily identical, and we’re seeing the huge spin Richey Springs is adding to the alternative rap scene. The vibrato in Richey’s voice reaches a stimulating level, and it integrates into the underlying beat in the best off-putting way possible. You’ll have to listen to “She Can Save Me” in order to understand what we really mean with that one. The flow of this track is incredibly steady and smooth throughout—we’re feeling buzzed with “She can Save Me”, which isn’t a feeling we get often with rap tracks. We appreciate the vibe Richey Springs is trying to bring back with his latest track, and we’re all for it. We love the kind of rap that can make you feel electric, yet relaxed when listening. A feeling hard to describe, and better yet felt. 

Listen to “She Can Save Me” here and continue reading to get to know Richey Springs

Hey Richey! Tell our readers about what made you take music seriously as a profession?

I was at a party free-styling as a joke and my friend really enjoyed it. I wanted to be a comedian originally, but after that night I decided to make music because thats much cooler. I feel like it's also more difficult to start out as a comedian. Lots of open mics and bad nights. I'd rather take time to craft and write a good song and hide behind excellent production and mixing. 

We’re loving the twist you put on the alternative rap scene, similar to how Tyler the Creator managed to do. Do you believe you offer a unique twist on the rap music scene?

I like to believe that it's a unique sound. I feel like it's best to be yourself and hope you create something new. I try to listen to all other music so that i'm influenced by other genres. I find that if you listen to too much rap, you start to rap like the artist you're listening to. 

How do you feel your music is interpreted by your listeners? Do you feel that your vision is communicated clear throughout your music?

I think everyone can take something different when they listen to my music. I like that it's a bit ambiguous. You want 10 different people to have 10 different takes on what your song means. I want people to take the song and come up with their own conclusions. I feel like i'm communicating the message really clearly to the point that if it were any clearer it would be corny. I don't want to be corny. 

Can you tell us more about the meaning of your “She Can Save Me”? 

She Can Save Me is about how men tend to treat strippers and adult entertainers. They assume that those in that profession do not enjoy their jobs, yet those same people will go to the strip club and have fun.  I think the song is about how that's messed up. It's about how not all strippers need to be saved and that there's power in being an adult entertainer. It's also about the economy, I guess.

We have to say, we’re loving your latest track “She Can Save Me”, and we’ve been playing it on repeat for the late afternoon. Are you planning on releasing more tracks similar to “She Can Save Me" through the rest of 2019?

Thank you for the feedback! I'm planning on releasing more and more fun tunes for the singles. This album has a very dark track that I plan on putting as the last track. My last album "Blank Years" was about how I was just going on dates and hooking up a lot. I want this album to be about the beginning of love or the beginning of stability. It's about dating in this weird time and practical steps people take when starting a new relationship. I want this album to be about seeing people as more. 


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