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Rico Dash Releases His Single “You a Joke”

Rico Dash is an 19 year old, Dayton, Ohio, born and raised, artist who graduated high school last year in 2018. It’s been a year now since Rico has been pursuing music, and his interest for it grew rapidly. He gets his influences from artists like, Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, Migos, ASAP Rocky, and more. With music ready to go, Rico Dash is excited for everybody to hear what he has stored in the vault.

One of the songs Rico Dash is showcasing for his listeners is the single, “You a Joke”.

“You a Joke” instantly begins with an endlessly-playable beat that has you hooked on initiation! You can tell Rico Dash cultivates his inspirations and their sound while also fabricating it into his own signature. This was displayed through the staccato delivery, and flow of Rico Dash. It reminded me of the Migos, and Playboi Carti. His lyrics were soaring across the song, getting its listener captivated with every punchline. The expansive track is made up of various different qualities that makes up a hit song. If the headbanging beat doesn’t have you throbbing with the track then it might be the indulgent vocal articulation. Rico Dash fits right in with today’s generation of hip-hop and rap with a sound that’s relevant yet authentic to the artistry of Rico Dash. He has a lot ahead of him, as he continues to develop his unique artistic measures that would enhance over time. I mean, if he was already able to deliver a hit record like this at only 19 years old, in the beginning of his career, just imagine what Rico Dash can do when he reached the peak?

Listen to "You a Joke" here and get to know more about Rico Dash below!

Before music, what were you planning on pursuing after high school?

Really thought about going back to school for Media arts. 

Tell us about your song “You a Joke”. What inspired you to create this?

Me & my brother Tez was chillin, listening to the beats my producer sent me & really just vibing. The beat was too hard to not make a song out of it 

In your artist opinion, which influence of yours do you think serves as the direct influence for the sound in “You a Joke” ?

Hmm just really being myself. 

What is the legacy you hope to leave behind you?

Hopefully I’ll leave a mark here that I make good quality music that everyone listens to every now and then 

What is next for you?

Work on my craft , finish up the upcoming music I have in the vault , I got like 3 projects in the works 


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