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Rico Proves to His Audience That He is the "CHOSEN ONE"

There are many ways in which one can describe Rico. However, unique, talented, and charismatic only begin to scratch the surface.

Twenty-one-year-old artist and hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Rico writes from a place of honesty that stems from his heart and soul. The realism he displays seeps into the calm and rhythmical creations that combine art, substance, and melody in perfect unison.

Fresh off the delivery of his most recent six-track EP, “GLACIER BOY,” Rico drowns listeners in a natural soundscape that delves into his artistic versatility in the musical talents that he displays. Emphasizing the sixth song on the tracklist, “CHOSEN ONE” immerses you in tantalizing instrumentation while Rico provides a delicate vocalization of cognizant words to cascade with the melodic hues showcased.

The reverberated echoes that fill our speakers remain top shelf as we become mesmerized with Rico’s tonal distinction as he continues to transition us through smooth cadences. Being relentless with the lyrical dexterity that he offers up, there is no denying that he is a breath of fresh air with the inspirational overflows of his skill set. Honing in on his lyrical aptitudes, Rico holds onto the nostalgic tenors that set the old school genre apart from the Hip-hop creations we hear today.

Adding his unique flair to bring us the best of both worlds, Rico has carved out his burrow as he continues to turn heads. Seamless execution seems to be the name of the game as we sink into our seats and appreciate each detail that Rico made sure was not overlooked when bringing forth this project. “CHOSEN ONE” is the well-deserved ending that sets “GLACIER BOY” in a league of its own.

We love the sixth track “CHOSEN ONE,” that is showcased on your EP titled, “GLACIER BOY.” Could you please take us into what this song means to you?

"Chosen One" is basically just a message to me reassuring me that I was made to make music and that I'm on the right path. It's hard starting off in the music business and sometimes you can doubt yourself. I wanted to make a song for those times of doubt where I can go back remind myself that this journey is worth it in the long run.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from the full concept of “GLACIER BOY”?

When people listen to Glacier Boy I want them to visualize a frozen heart that slowly melts throughout the EP. I was in a moment in my life where I had given up on love and was very closed off but met someone who made me want to come out of my shell and slowly let them in and had my heart thawed out.

What inspired you to place “CHOSEN ONE,” as the final song to complete this EP?

Chosen One as the last song just felt right. It was a statement I wanted people to remember and it seems like a fan favourite so I guess it worked.

How does this body of work hold up to previous releases that you have out?

Glacier Boy is definitely on its own level compared to my other projects. I've been making music for a short period of time but on this EP you can hear the growth in vocals and production.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

Do you need any motivation to do what you simply love? That's how I feel about music. The process is just so fun and fulfilling knowing how much effort you put into something and seeing complete strangers enjoy it.



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