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Rico… Weaves Us Between Two Generational Sounds Of Music With His Feel-Good Release, “No Mo Basic”

I’m a firm believer in hustlers from all around the map! However, personally being from Detroit, Michigan, the original Motown residence, I know just the amount of talent, ambition, and hustle the people born there are equipped with. RicoLoading or, Rico… is one of the newest rising stars from this breeding ground of icons & we can ensure you that you’d want to get your ears on his music now before he blows up! I mean who doesn’t love being an early fan of an artist with a promising future of longevity? (I personally like bragging to my band-wagon friends, “I listened to him before everyone else did!”)

Therefore, when we took a listen to his single “No Mo Basic”, we just knew we’d have this opportunity to brag! Rico… is an artist like no other. “No Mo Basic” had this classic production and element to the beat while maintaining a contemporary swag. The melody in the beat gave me memories of classic feel-good music from my childhood. Therefore, the beat alone gives you a radiating positive feeling. Rico... delivery style is laid-back with minimal pressure. It’s wavy and trendy, but he showcases it on a classic-like beat. The beat was like a mix of R&B and Hip-hop. In fact, It sounded like a soft version of trip-hop. The beat was very ambient and the tempo was a nice slowdown rhythm. This transporting single took us back in time and it’s a refreshing feeling of chills you receive from listening. Rico… is a creative genius. It feels as if his artistic expression is unbeatable and unmatched from anyone else. The way he blended two-generational sounds of music was brilliant. “No Mo Basic” is undeniably a hit that many people will find themselves thoroughly enjoying!

Check out "No Mo Basic" as soon as possible and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Rico...  your name is super unique and dope. What’s the story behind it? How does it represent you and who you are?

That's a name that actually stuck with me for awhile since i first started rapping if you know what's Rico is translate to in english it's Rich and that's something to get familiar of., the loading part represents that's there's always more to come which it was different that made the name unique..

Growing up in Detroit Michigan, how has your environment impacted your style and sound?

It impacted my style and sound a lot knowing what history that flew through the city over the decades and the sounds of the music's evolution over the years but knowing my style is very different from start to finish of songs it's things never seen in the musical entertainment perspective..You have a nice approach to your music. Who are some of your influences? How did they influence you? There's a lot of great influential musicians out there but i never looked at another artist as an influence. Me i always listen to selective few of music and see what i can do so i never have music that has no type of sound a like sounds just to stay originated, with the musical work i still have stored i can keep becoming a great influence myself..

Let’s talk about “No Mo Basic”. What was the major vision you had for this song? What was the theme of it and how did you find its inspiration? 

The major vision i had was to change the world with it when you listen to it its different perspective of different things., also it's music for anybody and everybody no matter where you from in life.. it's a theme of transitioning in growth and time which is all understood in the song.. The song inspiration for me is no matter what seems to be going on i can't look back or go back it'll slow growth and time of things it's what i set from here..

What’s next for you Rico…?

" No Mo Basic..."


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