Rid Your Mind of the, "Social Poison"

As one of the first to mix Hip-Hop with Alternative Rock in Ireland, LG4 Trey has quickly made a name for himself in his hometown as well as in the UK and the US.

With a recent feature on the Promoting Sounds Youtube channel and collaborations with SpaceMan Zack, CRIM and other talented artists, LG4 Trey's music career is looking to have a bright future.

LG4 Trey’s love for music began at a young age learning to play traditional Irish instruments such as the Violin and the Bodhrán. With inspiration taken from bands such as blink-182 & Sum 41 to emo rappers such as Lil Peep, LiL Lotus & LIL DUSTY G, he is quickly becoming the face of emo-rap in Ireland, and soon,


Releasing his first full-length project titled ‘Social Poison,’ LG4 Trey presents an emo-rap album that is rich with life experiences and the current state of his mind. Honing in on the introductory single and title track from the project, “Social Poison,” immediately sets the tone for this body of work as you’re pulled in by the dark guitar riffs and a sense of mystery.

Exuding a display of lyrical dexterity that stems from a place of personal hardships, you’re stimulated by this display and overcome with compassion for the realism that LG4 Trey shares with his audience. The buttery cadences he delivers make it so that the cognizant words he speaks roll off the tongue and etch themselves into your brain.

You hear the melancholic essence breed in a public announcement that should not be taken loosely. Incorporating an audio clip from the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why,’ you hear the focus of this song tie into the thesis of this project and bring light to the pressure social media puts on people nowadays and how toxic that is for their mental health.

LG4 Trey is changing the game and putting his best foot forward with selfless initiatives as such being depicted through the music he creates. If you’re ready to get lost in a mesmerizing sea of realism, “Social Poison,” is waiting for you.

Congratulations on the release of your album “Social Poison.” What an interesting and topical subject to base your album around. It’s needed now more than ever! You mention that although you’ve released a project roughly the same length as this one in the past, you classify this as your debut. What’s your reasoning behind that?

Hey, thank you. The main reason why I’d classify this as my debut album and not the last project is that I feel this project was a lot more planned out and had more flow from track to track. The last project was more like a mixtape of random singles kinda thrown together whereas for this one I spent months deciding what tracks I wanted in there and what order I wanted them to be in.

Where did the inspiration for this concept stem from? Was there a specific story or moment that sparked the need to create a project out of this theme?

Well, I started writing all the tracks during the lockdown. Although we’re coming to the end of it now, during lockdown I feel everybody lived through social media as we couldn’t socialize physically. I found myself to be online 90% of the day and it had a pretty big impact on my mental health and inspired the first track on the project and the name of the project “Social Poison”. Social media almost forces you to constantly compare yourself to others in a pretty competitive and toxic way. I wanted to put some emphasis on the fact that u shouldn’t base your self-worth on social media.

How has your mindset changed from when you were creating “Social Poison,” to this present moment? What have you learned along the way?

I’m definitely in a much better state of mind now than I was when I started the project but I’ve learned to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing with their lives, at the end of the day your only seeing what people want you to see on their social media platforms. Take everything one day at a time and no matter how hopeless or pointless things feel, the feeling is only temporary. Sometimes it might last a little longer than others but you’ll get out of it eventually. I’ve made a conscious effort to surround myself with people that I can rely on that I know will be there when I need them and vice versa and it makes a huge difference.

Did you know that the title track “Social Poison,” would be exactly that when creating it, or did you have to filter through ideas to get the end result?

The title track was actually considered a throwaway when I first recorded it. It didn’t seem to be working out at all. I was in my friend's kitchen with my mic just set up on a table in front of me trying to think of ideas in my head. Eventually, I came up with the idea for the hook and What originally was supposed to be the hook got made into the first half of the verse and after a couple of days of playing around with it, I had a solid foundation to finish the track. The small snippet in the middle of the track was actually sampled from 13 reasons why. I tend to use a lot of movie or tv show snippets in my songs to match whatever the lyrics are trying to convey. I feel it just helps immerse the listener and myself a little more into the song.