Ridd!k is a King of Nonchalant Soul

Hailing from North Carolina, Ridd!k is a blossoming R&B artist on the rise. He worked with several producers throughout the career that pointed out his talent for songwriting and encouraged him to release music on his own. It was one producer specifically who boosted Ridd!k’s confidence enough for him to take that leap. With a natural knack for creating new sounds, he is the type of artist who naturally lets the music come to him.

When he creates his songs, Ridd!k often freestyles to compliment his current mood and tends to build his song around that idea. He truly allows the vibe to take over during his songwriting process. With his soulful music style, Ridd!k is known for layering a laid back beat with alluring, textured soundscapes.

Ridd!k appreciates the natural beauty of instrumentals, which is generally included in his production, allowing his music to stand out for orchestration-lovers.

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