Ride Into Bliss With Malexes' Album 'IV'

Returning to BuzzMuisc from Germany, producer Malexes releases one of the most textured albums we've heard to date, titled 'IV.' We've seen various albums and singles from Malexes, yet 'IV' has struck our attention from beginning to end. He touches on different genres and musical approaches through songs that range from deep house and pop, all the way to R&B and orchestral acoustic. Doing us both a favor, let's dive right into this passionate project.

Starting with the intro track "Hope Within Your Eyes" (a previously trending single), Malexes wastes no time and jumps right into this project and provides these soulful and melodic vocals. Even though the introduction is incredibly soft and slow with the underlying piano, he switches into this hi-fi hip-hop beat while a different male vocal begins rapping. Riding the beat so smoothly and going back and forth from these two vocalists, they both genuinely offer something special with this song. Singing/rapping about seeing hope in someone's eyes and knowing that you're right for each other, Malexes has already touched our hearts with the first song on the project. Changing up the style with the second song "Can't Find the Words," we're instantly met with female vocals singing the woeful tale of being trapped in your mind. While the beat begins growing more vibrant and energetic, we can feel the electronic influences that Malexes had when creating this song. Adding a variety of claps and snaps, we can sense where the song might lead us. As the beat drops with a mesmerizing deep house vibe, we're dancing right along with the deep and lively synths. The female vocal serenades us with a vulnerable story, and we can't help but feel the song's passion exude through our speakers.

Onto the third track "Let Me Go," we can feel more of an R&B approach through the toe-tapping kicks and snares. This downtempo masterpiece features another captivating male vocalist, where he sings a beautiful love song towards someone he plans on staying with for eternity. Malexes does an exceptional job of portraying these different atmospheres within his album, especially with this heartfelt R&B banger that reaches deep into our hearts. The vocal editing is so pure and precise, a haunting echo follows each vocal and creates such a serene space. Truly a song that can resonate with anyone, Malexes has undoubtedly wowed us at this point.

Opening the next track with a plucky pop synth, "Not the Same," gives off this radiant energy right from the jump. A different male vocalist graces this song with another saddened story, melodically singing about wishing someone the best after they've parted ways. Malexes' production grows into this immaculate blend of soulful R&B and transcendent pop. With strong major piano chords and that catchy melodic synth, it's evident that Malexes has crafted this song to stick around in our minds. The vocalist moves us into a different headspace, as he sings that he's righting his wrongs and moving forward from past turmoil.

Moving into the 5th track "Don't Go," a vibrant male vocal begins vocalizing his love for someone who has the key to his heart. A captivating love song about trusting someone and allowing yourself to be vulnerable around them, the introduction to this song really pulls on our heartstrings. Around the midway point, Malexes drops a textured beat and shows off his production skills by brilliantly chopping these vocals and filtering them to perfection. Serving us a mellow deep house atmosphere but with pop and R&B touches, this why his album 'IV' is one of the most unique pieces we've heard yet.

Bringing the tempo back down with the next track "My World Slows Down (feat. Elaysa)", Elaysa begins displaying her rich and impressive vocal range, while serenading us overtop Malexes' piano chords and a soft pop beat. With simple yet deeply loving lyrics like "every single day you are my anchor on the sea," Elaysa adds such deep running emotions to the project while perfectly complementing Malexes' production. Once the down-tempo beat drops, Malexes provides these celestial string sections while giving it that modern flair with spacious pads. Elaysa's powerful vocals end off the song with such poise and strength, while Malexes does an impeccable job of pushing a secure atmosphere.

Ending off the album with the outro track "Thinking It Over (Acoustic Version)," noting that the original song falls within more of a pop/electronic genre. Malexes has transferred all the emotion into this version while balancing it with beautiful piano melodies, a haunting string section, and a deep running percussion beat. The male vocalist brings another introspective and vulnerable story of reminiscing the times you've spent with someone who still roams your mind. The instrumentals and vocals are so perfect for each other, and end off the project with a relatable message that we can all understand. We hope you have a better understanding as to why Malexes' album 'IV' is one of the most textured projects we've heard. Taking many dips and turns, we're genuinely in awe of every piece to the puzzle.

Discover Malexes' album 'IV' here.