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Ride Into Indiana Bones' Latest Music Video

Indiana Bones is a tall, dark and mysterious country artist, from the Gold Coast of Australia. After his blues-rock duo, Wakan Phoenix, once described by Classic Rock Mag UK as ‘dusty Aussies banging out homicidal blues-rock,’ went cold during Australia's 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, Bones shifted his gear to the coast and start lamenting cowboy covers on his acoustic guitar.

Delving into his latest release and unique take on the Tom Waits classic “Goin' Out West," Indiana Bones proclaims this as the barn-burning take of the well-known track. As we fixate our attention to the visual pairing that is uniquely crafted to go alongside Indiana Bones’ rendition, we have the comedic approach to bad to the bone, American Western cinema.

Hanging outside the Panchos Tex Mex restaurant on his motorcycle, we catch some heavy-duty biker vibes from Indian Bones as he strums his acoustic guitar in the sunny heat on the Gold Coast.

What we love the most about this concept has to be the fact that upon first viewing, it may seem out of place to have Indiana Bones exactly where he is in the filmic component, but that’s when it clicks; this is absolutely genius. It plays upon who he is as an artist and individual while bringing light-hearted ease to his fan base when they see the oversized mustache and sideburns that he rocks in pure hilarity.

If you’re in the market for that little pick-me-up when it comes to Indiana Bones’ quintessence as a creative, then you’re at the one-stop-shop for both talent and unconventional showcases of imagination. “Goin’ Out West,” has us embracing the wit that lies in the delivery of this jam.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Indiana Bones, congratulations on the release of the music video for “Goin’ Out West.” This cover has your personality draped all over it, and we were completely mesmerized by the hilarious visuals put together for the music video! Could you please take us into what inspired you to cover this Tom Waits original in the first place?

Thanks very much, it's an honor! There were two main inspirations when it came to covering this song; the first being the lockdown. Not as bad here as it is in the U.S., I know. But it meant my band, Wakan Phoenix, went quiet last year, so I was stuck lamenting at home, messing around with covers on the acoustic guitar. I can only play other people's songs in this drawly, country style, I don't know why. I like cowboy movies and I'm not very talented? The other thing that inspired me was the song itself. The first time I heard it was at our old local pub, it was karaoke night, and my friend Luke started singing it in this ocker Australian accent. It was hilarious, and I fell in love with the lyrics. So, like a true artist, I stole it.

We love how you stumbled upon this restaurant while riding down the Gold Coast of Australia. What was it like filming the music video at this location?

Everything about doing this song felt so fortuitous to me, it was all so lucky and hilarious and kinda badass. The owner of Panchos, Marie, turned out to be as, perhaps even more, eccentric as me. When we started filming she came out and got to talking, and she was right into it! She started handing us coronas and props; the boots my wife, Olivera, is wearing in the clip were hers.

Did you ever have a vision of what the visuals would look like before finding Panchos Tex Mex? How did this theme fit into your original vision if there was one?

Funny you ask! I had originally thought to driveway out west here in Queensland, Australia. Into the sunburnt country, you know? Anyway, I was just out on a leisurely ride on my motorcycle one day, near home on the Gold Coast hinterland, and I came across this oddly located Tex Mex style restaurant. Suitably ironic visual for the song I thought, and it turned out to be perfect and a heap of fun.

What message are you hoping to send out to your audience through the music you craft?

Not a whole lot really. I'm very political in my life and other projects I have, but music has always been a catharsis for me. When I play or just listen, I go to church! I mean, I'm exorcising the demons, but it's from the pure act of having a good time. And I don't even feel I have a choice, I'm just a man possessed! So, this is what came out, I love playing it, and I just hope other people love hearing it!

What's next for you?

I got a few things in the works, always do! I'm playing a full country covers set at the moment, with one coming up at Vinnie's Dive on the Gold Coast on the 1st of August. I'm working on a date at Panchos Tex Mex too, that'll be fun to go back to. Some original stuff maybe in the future, but it happens when it happens! Anyway, it's bedtime down here, so thanks for the yarn, Buzz. Cheers!

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