Ride Out the Apocalypse in DOLLY BING BING’s Release “KUSJE"

DOLLY BING BING is an artist whose music is the culmination of electronic, R&B, and pop to create alien-like unique soundscapes that take yours out of this world. To further captivate her audience, DOLLY BING BING brings an incredibly exciting live performance where she will sing, rap, and dance as the fearless person she is without having any shame. This effect of being brave and bold is easily heard and seen in her latest music video for her release “KUSJE.”

“KUSJE” is one of those tunes that you will be able to experience at any time of day, whether late at night by yourself while sobering up, or at a major festival. There are, however, major dance vibes going on, most notable from the extremely exciting percussion and bass rhythms that create a perfectly groovy backbone for DOLLY BING BING vocals to sit-on-top and create an ethereal soundscape that pulls us into her alien world. To complement the music is a thrilling post-apocalyptic video that radiates heavy Mad Max and Tank Girl vibes where DOLLY BING BING is a sword-wielding warrior that leads the most flamboyant of survivors towards freedom.

You can find “KUSJE” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DOLLY BING BING! Your latest music video for “KUSJE” is full of post-apocalyptic but feel-good vibes, what was the inspiration behind going in this aesthetic?

The video is inspired by the different layers bubbling around in DOLLY's futuristic 'Battle Angel World' but also by the related dystopian universes of the movie series Mad Max and 90’s cartoon Tank Girl. It opens a rusty, post-apocalyptic (post-corona?) world, a tough, broken world of doom and gloom yet touched by a drop of DOLLY: touched up by glam, extravaganza, fantasia and kink. Only the most flamboyant creatures survived. They dance together along DOLLY at her edgy warrior survivor party featuring dirt bikes, trucks and cranes. They are the new diamonds to shine between dust, waste, scrap and the ruins of a lost society. They are the creatures of hope, breaking with the rule of technology and industry, celebrating and battling for the beauty of the sexual, physical, colorful and queer. They incarnate the power of realness and the force of pleasure. DOLLY’s ‘Battle Angel World’ was what inspired the director of the video, Antwerp legend, Kyky Kong Kong, to put a sword in DOLLY’s hands. To her ‘DOLLY encapsulates all that is future and past in one real, tactile being from flesh and blood, but who actually looks like she’s from a higher order, genetically modified or a semi-cyborg.’ Indeed this is what DOLLY’s post-apocalyptic world and appearance represent: the multiverse existence of a cybersexual fantasy. She is both an ancient athlete with oiled up sculptural muscles, training herself to levels of the ultimate mythological Olympic warrior, as well as a kind-hearted and loving poet angel wrapped in a layer of sex and glam, looking like a sci-fi bondage manga-doll only available online. ‘To me DOLLY symbolizes a new era,’ says Kong Kong, ‘so I wanted to show her off as a shining battle goddess rising from disaster and bringing a spark to a lost world.’. Kong Kong takes the viewer along a journey where each stage – the bikers, the dancers, the bodybuilder, a lonely DOLLY wielding the sword and fighting against an invisible past – mirrors an aspect of DOLLY’s persona as a total living artwork, bearing the old scars of deeply lived emotions and the traces of new seeds for her full-blown future capacities as a charming ‘avatar’.

The songwriting and production of “KUSJE” have both a dancy and ethereal vibe to it, how did you come up with the backing rhythm and then those vocal riffs that feel like they belong in the sky?

For ‘KUSJE’ and for a whole bunch of upcoming songs, I collaborated with NY producer ABSRDST (he actually now moved to Arizona!), who has been coined as ‘dance music’s best-kept secret’ and has worked with the likes of Dorian Electra, GIMI and Diveo ... When we had our first meeting about the song I had him listen to Justin Timberlake’s lustful dance track ‘Like I love you’. As a young girl trying to blow steam off while being trained in a very strict professional ballet school, I used to make little choreographies to that song and to the very sensual hit music from that era (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue. Those songs gave me the kicks and they never stopped doing that. I wanted to put something from that ‘radio-hit-club-banger’ feel in my own music while leveling it up with a futuristic sound and with the alien-angel esthetics of my voice. DOLLY represents a creature from another dimension, a heavenly sci-fi warrior, so her lyrical signature is of angelic order. Contrasting the sticky, filthy beat, the sensual giggles and nasty sighs, all elements conjuring up the world of the flesh, with these complementing ethereal layers, makes KUSJE unique and a symbol of the syntheses of oppositions DOLLY – as a pop-performer and as a total work of art – radiates.

We’re loving how bold you were with every aspect of this release, what was the inspiration behind coming up with this song?

KUSJE is a light-hearted, sensual clubby pop track yet it shakes up a universal desire rather tangibly up to date in our shared world as a global village, advanced by the tricks, taps and clicks of hardstyle cyberlife (and certainly now in current lockdown-quarantine times): it sings about online love and how to make the fantasies on the screen and the pleasures in the phone come true. Taking the plane across the world to your lover is the wish, something I actually really did. I fell in love with an artist from Brazil who approached me via Instagram and we developed a very deep relationship online. We felt such a strong connection and pull that we had to break with the virtual in order to experience the real. ‘We’re deep inside the wwweb ...we had to make it true, got my ticket to you, I just landed, we took off, our desires they will never come down ...’ With its rythmically rushing sighs, a nasty giggle, the filthy, sticky beat and the special effects on DOLLY’s sugar voice as if she’s moaning through the phone, this deeply physical song radiates tease, sex, exhibitionism and temptation beyond the digital limitations of the internet: ‘You get a little taste ... come get a little bit of me ...’ The song is both in English as well as in Dutch, DOLLY’s native language, making it catchy as well as alien. The chorus unfolds an almost childish game with the sweetness of throwing little kisses at her lover.

Who would you say would be your target audience for this release? We feel like there is an incredibly wide range of people who would enjoy “KUSJE”, is there any specific message within the music that you feel like resonate with any person in particular?

My music is for everyone. But it especially hopes to shape space of freedom for all who experience themselves as different from the norm, as not accepted by society, as uncategorizable. The queer community is a big target group, yet to me, anyone who feels touched by what I do or is inspired and fueled by my fearlessness and freedom of expression makes me the happiest person on earth. DOLLY’s message is one of rebellion: ‘F*ck the establishment, make up your own rules ... and make love!’ In the light of the current ‘Corona-pocalypse’ and lockdown-crisis, my video is highly relevant and definitely carries a message. It shows how after the end of the old mechanism and the (maybe desired) destruction of an already sick world, brilliant diamonds are still dancing and shimmering between the wreckage in the wasteland. They are like swords: they get stronger in the purge of the fire. Nothing is lost by the fall of civilization and the death of its capitalist ratrace routines: more freedom is gained for what already escaped its suffocating loop-holes. Attacked by a threatening virus revealing the doom of our planet and feeling the beautiful movements of change and battle for black lives rising, we hope DOLLY goes viral and spreads nothing better than the purest and most contagious germs of love and hope.

What else can we expect from you in 2020?

A second track that I created with ABSRDST will be released this summer and we are working on a whole series of singles, likely to form an album. To celebrate the release of KUSJE I launch in these upcoming weeks a limited edition DOLLY T-shirt collection and a special BING BING chief mask, available on my website. For its campaign, next to myself, we asked Rinus Van de Velde to model the collection. A true honor as he is one of Belgium’s most famous and best-selling visual artists today and a close friend. I am also a visual artist and sculptor, creating works under the moniker STRIPPER ANGEL. I am working on a large scale new sculpture and also on drawings for a hentai-manga project about DOLLY (called: STRIPPER ANGEL DOLLY – ALIEN BATTLE GODDESS – THOUSAND AXES SERIES K-X: Memory and Desire). I am joining a couple of music projects I was asked for and in the autumn I will appear as DOLLY in a big futuristic opera-theatre production called ‘A Revue’ by the Flemish Opera, directed by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. And last but not least – if Corona allows us – I am hoping to return back to the stage to bring a brand new big DOLLY show. I’m going to work on it very soon with my fix crew of background dancers called BING BING CLUB.