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Ride the Heartfelt Waves of Jonny Parks in "Tsunami"

Born in Westchester, NY, singer-songwriter and guitarist Jonny Parks is artistic as he dabbles in numerous genres.

Having shown an interest in music at the early age of 8, he owned a keyboard and harmonica, which would influence Jonny Parks to be the multi-instrumentalist he is today. Continuously at work to master his craft and broaden his musical horizons, Jonny Parks incorporates the sounds of Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Blues into his repertoire of musical creations.

Ushering us into vibrant waves of Jazz infused melodies, Jonny Parks ricochets his vocals upon the remarkable essence of his most recent release, “Tsunami.” The heavenly instrumentation reigns supreme in an intimate universe that floods our listening experience with otherworldly sounds fusing together is a desire-filled liveliness. You can feel the emotion of Jonny Parks gracefully pouring onto the sonic canvas of “Tsunami” as his intricately crafted lyrics take the helm and pull your heartstrings in every direction.

There is more to Jonny Parks than meets the eye. He ensures that each record he structures integrate the salutary agenda of his quintessence. Created from a place of passion, we have to admit that we feel all types of ways after taking in the entire composition of “Tsunami.” Blending in classical drifts that wade in a Jazz infused pool of R&B, Jonny Parks effortlessly relays this sound to us as we latch on to more delicate sentiments navigating through the harmonious timbres he performs.

Jonny Parks conveys heartfelt tenors that seamlessly mold around the simmering vocal performance that he delivers. Allowing his audience to connect with him on a relevant playing field of a sound more felt than heard, Jonny Parks continues to build his empire and garner more attention each day that passes.

The sound you exude in “Tsunami,” radiates in warmth and comfort. Could you please take us into what this track means to you as the creator and what you felt when creating it?

Tsunami is definitely a mood setter. I wrote it with that exactly in mind. What's funny is that one of the other inspirations of this track is my hair! I have a wavy hairstyle and that is pretty much my image and that went into consideration when crafting the words. What shifted this song into the smooth production that it came out to be is the guitar part that goes throughout the song. Once that was laid down I wanted to use a keyboard sound that just sounds like sex and orgasms and all that. I think once the track was finally mixed by my engineer I realized that this is something for the couples or whatever "situationship" the people got going on.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from the melismatic soundscape portrayed in “Tsunami”?

Definitely that my team and I are just a force when it comes to production and that I'm also a force when it comes to writing. I want people to hear the mood and atmosphere through the sounds of whatever instrument is playing throughout the track. I want people to hear that there is a purpose for the way the production is for each song. I also want people to be fully immersed into my music to mentally take them to the place where I was at when my team and I were producing it.

With this song being so intimate and prevailing, did you find that the creative process endured was similar or different to the approach you bring to other songs?

This arrangement and writing of this song came natural to me. In that case, I'd say it's sort of similar to the cultivation of my other songs. However, I'd say that I do elevate and build upon my previous works each time as an artist. So, it was similar in lyrical content but definitely different in production style.

What has been the biggest takeaway from the release process of “Tsunami”?

Plan, plan, plan. Plan about a month ahead. And before you plan, make sure you have everything ready to go as if you're going to release the song the next day. Listening to your audience and just being patient but at the same time assertive is super important.



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