Ride the Heat Wave of, "Summer Never Lasts"

Charlotte born and Orlando raised, J. Levi is a multi-talented artist who features music with a cleverly crafted mélange of Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop influences.

Writing and performing his own music since 2011, J. Levi won a competition in 2015 to headline at Disney’s Night of Joy with artists such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and more with over 80k people in the park.

Now, he hopes to show that early success was just the beginning and after working on his craft in obscurity, he’s ready to show the world that he’s next up as an artist on the rise.

With three singles currently out in 2021, and eight more planned for the rest of the year, we come to J. Levi’s melismatic “Summer Never Lasts.” Allowing listeners to delve into high frequencies of the soul, mind, and spirit, J. Levi exudes a brilliant display of vocal techniques that he pairs with a laidback tempo.

Honing in on the tantalizing hues, we get to embrace a unique arrangement of drum patterns, intentional guitar riffs, and a vibrant bassline perfectly etched into the composition. He has a flair for bringing life to the lyrics he carefully crafts, and we’ve been ready for this. “Summer Never Lasts,” has come at the perfect time to accompany those heat waves with an enthralling soundscape of passion.

Radiantly approaching this artistic canvas in a way that has his audience fixated on the finer details that escort his sultry croons, J. Levi is a force to be reckoned with. A key to any great song is the emotion it evokes within yourself. With J. Levi at the helm of “Summer Never Lasts,” his lyrical motifs practically leap out from the speakers and bury themselves within our thoughts.

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