Ride the Imaginative Waves of X.ILE's Cunning New Single, "HUCCI SHOES"

An NYC native, X.ILE started his career at the age of 14 and has placed himself in a position of early exposure within his music career as a prominent artist.

Unafraid to foster an environment where all genres can coexist throughout his music, X.ILE's work expands to many different audiences and has quickly gained praise throughout the industry from both critics and fellow artists.

The vivacious soundscape of his most recent release, “HUCCI SHOES,” enlists the talents of Lapse as the two creatives give listeners more than they bargained for.

There’s a unique merger between the eras of Hip-hop that have you abundantly spellbound in the buoyancy dripping from this single. X.ILE approaches his wordsmith capabilities in a way that showcases his skill set as an emcee in today’s day and age, all while carrying the lyrical push that is the foundation of old-school Hip-hop.

With a pang of hunger in X.ILE’s vocal delivery, the prevailing tenors that have you bouncing to the icy cadences he radiates from his artistic jurisdiction. Combining his techniques with Lapse, both artist’s knack for wordplay simmers over the pulsating instrumentation as they accompany one another to the finish line.

To top it all off, the visuals that go hand in hand with “HUCCI SHOES,” have your eyes stuck to the screen from beginning to end. There’s something so captivating about the quick-cut scenes in the filmic component’s transitions that match the beat of each perfectly timed kick drum on cue.