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Ride the Importance of "BETTER DAYS," Into the Waves of Your Life

On October 30th, 2020, We the Commas made their official independent debut with their EP, ‘SARB.’ Together the band of brothers Cam, Jordy, and Lenny Comma have coined the term SARB (Surf Alternative R&B), to describe their unique sound.

Their resonance and panache have since been applauded by the likes of Young the Giant, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Pink Sweat$, among others. Inspired by the warm sand and the inviting waves they cherish, the trio’s music encapsulates their stories as brothers living on the coast of San Diego.

Kicking it into high gear with the warmth and playful tones dedicated to a summer vibration, We the Commas infuse their lighthearted personas with cascading guitar riffs, enticing trap drum patterns, and a compelling buoyancy that pulsates through the grooves of the 808’s in their latest single “BETTER DAYS.”

Being exclusive to their sophomore EP ‘OLD SCHOOL LOVE,’ this record breathes in the crisp ocean air with their inimitable sound of Surf Alternative R&B. Coming from a place in their minds and hearts where they aim to reiterate an important message to their audience, we delve into a buttery vocalization from We the Commas that sends out the reminder that no matter what you’re going through, there will always be better days ahead.

There’s more to the dynamic trio than meets the eye. You hear how their alluring nature allows the spellbinding essence of their talents pulls their fan base in with a gravitational pull like no other. They have a specific method to their madness where what they put down on paper, and then in the studio comes out as a vibrant canvas filled with a narrative and imagery to match the grander scheme of their artistic virtuoso. “BETTER DAYS,” may fit into the simmering tropical atmosphere that We the Commas carries out so well, but the way they address relevant topics and a sincere approach to those listening reside in the waves of limitless good intentions.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, We the Commas, and congratulations on the release of “BETTER DAYS,” off of your EP, ‘OLD SCHOOL LOVE.’ With such an intricate soundscape to shape an important message, was there a particular moment when all clicked for the idea of this song to be born?

Jordon: It’s safe to say that 2020 had many trials and tribulations. "Better days" is a reminder that although we face adversity, there is always hope for a brighter future.

The dynamic that you all share is truly remarkable. We hear the chemistry through the speakers. Could you please take us into what each of you contributed to this song and EP in the workflow?

Jordon: It’s a very collaborative, organic process from the ground up. Each of us writes our own lyrics and works together to make sure it’s one cohesive story. We’re all musicians, and we’ve been playing music together since we were kids. Lenny and Cam play guitar and I play drums/percussion. We all sing as well.

Being your sophomore EP release, what differences did you find in bringing this project to the public, versus your last EP?

Cam: It’s always exciting for us to release music! We enjoy giving people a further look into SARB. So far we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on both projects we’ve released so far which is an awesome feeling.

What was it like working with Jack Thornton, Ted Chung, and Chris Rosa, in order to bring this vision to life?

It was an amazing experience. Each person involved brought something to the table. Jack is a producer from San Diego who produced this new EP with us all. Jack’s one of our best friends and it was super dope to finally release music with him. It was an honor to work on this with Ted Chung and Chris Rosa who both also have so much experience in the music industry.

What's next for you?

We’re gonna continue to create new music and we’re excited to start performing again now that things are opening up.

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