RIDI Sees Life's Cycles As A "Merry Go Round"

Soaring in from Switzerland is a singer-songwriter, anti-bullying activist, and pop star RIDI with her newest conceptual single entitled "Merry Go Round."

Besides amassing over 2.7m YouTube views for her debut music video for "Top Guy," RIDI is a firm anti-bullying activist and founder of Stop the B, a foundation that encourages young people to use their platform to speak up against bullying. With over 27k followers under her belt, RIDI is quickly proving herself as a force in the modern pop scene.

For her newest single, "Merry Go Round," RIDI released an accompanying music video that pays homage to her Indian heritage. Her cultural jewelry and attire add a more personal layer to the video that helps viewers get to know RIDI. At the same time, she passionately serenades them with lyrics about life's circular nature and how what we do always comes back around, but in different forms.

Expanding on the new single, "Merry Go Round," the shimmering effects drop us into the first verse alongside RIDI's lush vocal appearance and plucky keyboard melodies. While a wailing electric guitar begins blazing in the background, RIDI channels her deepest emotions to unleash the confusion and anxiety of living through life's many lessons.

All in all, it's one of the catchiest songs we've heard this year, and it might be difficult for RIDI to outdo herself after setting the bar so high. Not only is it meaningful and reminds listeners to get going when the going gets tough, but it's an earworm that'll replay in your head for hours on end.

Experience the radiant and shimmering stylings of RIDI in her latest thought-provoking and catchy single, "Merry Go Round," now available on all digital streaming platforms.