Riley Camryn Shows Us the Beauty of Music in Her Latest Release "My Story"

Sometimes, the most memorable songs are the ones where artists are delivering a truly authentic message that’s meaningful to them. Riley Camryn showcases this through her vulnerable and sentimental release of “My Story”. Riley Camryn has impressed us thoroughly before, but now she’s showing she's here to stay.

“My Story” is a groundbreaking single that gives a strong emotional conviction. In this song, you receive a sensational sound from an acoustic guitar that was purely riveting and satisfying. The melody in the instrumentation doesn’t compare to the soft texture in Riley Camryn’s voice. Riley Camryn’s tender voice is equipped with great dynamics. She takes her range through different registers, projecting a great vocal belt through the hook. This song is about the individual paths that we embark on in our personal lives. These paths are completely special to us, as we’re writing our own specific story day by day. Nobody else can write this story for us. Riley Camryn shows pure honesty and the delicate touch from her vocals serenades us with every melody. Riley Camryn is proving to be the future of music, and we’re excited to see what’s next from her.

Stream “My Story” by Riley Camryn here.

Hey, Riley Camryn! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. Knowing that you’ve been attracted to the arts scene in the city of Barrie for many years, in what ways has your environment and experience with dancing help cultivate your musicality?

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