Riley Wells Wows Us With New Single “Walk Away”

Even with a broken heart Riley Wells shines and powers through her new single ‘Walk Away’ from her EP Value. The track has all the markings of a powerful pop ballad. With its smooth R&B beats and ticking percussion, Riley’s elevated voice is pitch perfect and delivers the female pop star persona. ‘Walk Away’ is through and through an emotional elegy which bleeds through Riley’s voice as she belts out heartbreaking lyrics; lyrics like: “Even though I’m glad you came, didn’t think you’d walk away when I needed you the most”. We’d never walk away from you Riley- in fact we can’t get this track off repeat! Riley’s voice is infections and captivating and the tracks accompanying vocalizing harmonies are saintly. Together the elements of ‘Walk Away’ create a composed, collected and soulful sound.

Riley Wells is a twenty year old Pop/R&B singer/songwriter from Connecticut. Her love of creating her own music has been shaped by a wide range of musical influences from contemporary R&B to dance pop, all of which grew when she arrived to Berklee College of Music and started to share her original creations. In 2017 Riley was selected as a Featured Artist for a Canadian Television show, ‘Club one New Releases’. Fast forward to 2019 and she is debuting her first solo EP: ‘Value’. The EP features songs ranging from mid-tempo tunes to dance pop anthems that are relatable, honest and lively melodies. Introduce yourself today to this upcoming star and stream ‘Walk Away’ by Riley Wells today!

Hi Riley, thank you for taking the time to speak with us at BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

Hey guys! Thanks for having me. I'm a twenty year old Pop/R&B artist and songwriter, and I grew