RipLoaf Doesn't Hold Back in, "LockJaw"

Maryland-based artist RipLoaf has taken his talents to the West Coast, where he resides in LA with longtime friend and producer, pzz.

Enlisting the production skill set of pzz and dj Khaledsson, RipLoaf offers up the recently released “LockJaw,” to his audience. Floating in an animated realm that focuses on the bright resonance of video game cues, the instrumentation is imaginative in a way that has you intrigued from the moment this song begins to play through your speakers.

Dipping into heavy bass components, the contrast is pleasing as the diverse sounds complement each other in a way that has the listening experience in mind. RipLoaf’s witty verses punch through the soundscape with a crisp tone to their essence. With a delivery so self-assured, you feel the confidence seeping through this track as you effortlessly get lost in the music.

It’s hard not to bop your head to the beat and sway to its buoyant elements as the progressions leave you fully satisfied, yet simultaneously wanting more. Exuding his techniques in a way that has him establishing his name in lights, RipLoaf is an artist that showcases innovation at its finest. Working closely with pzz and dj Khaledsson in order to give “LockJaw,” the attention it deserves, we have to give credit where credit is due with lyrical motifs such as, ‘I still give them shell shock ‘cause I'm moving too fast. Watch them drop the top now they gone. Where the roof at?’

Be on the lookout for RipLoaf turning heads while he continues to dominate the industry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RipLoaf. We love the entire concept of “LockJaw.” Could you please share a glimpse of what inspired you to create this song? Do you find that your non-musical influences tend to vary, or do you find consistency in what keeps you inspired?

My inspirations vary I really fall in love with an artist's sound and then two weeks later fall in love with a different artist's sound. I’m always back and forth keeping up with who’s new. I would say my nonmusical influences are really my friends and the people I hang around. A lot of the jokes and topics that me and my friends talk about I subconsciously talk about in my music. I love video games and old Nintendo-style characters, those always spark creativity in my brain to then use in my songs and artwork.

How was it working with pzz and DJ Khaledsson in order to bring this soundscape to life?

Pzz is my long-time best friend and roommate in LA. We recently were connected to DJ khaledsson through a mural and we all became good friends. Me and Pzz went to his house one day they made the beat and the next day I record the vocals at home.

In your own words, what does “LockJaw,” mean to you? What are you hoping listeners take away from this song?

I would say lockjaw in the context of the song really just means people are starting to notice Pzz and I take what we’re doing seriously, this is what we want and as people who were hating at first start to notice how quickly we continue improving they have no words to say and now want to support.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is being consistent with drops. Dropping at least one song and one video each month is key for me. I have a few songs on the way with big features from friends of mine in the industry and I’m hoping that shows more people that I’m really invested in my music