Rising Artist Austin David Will Blow You Away with His New Single!

Austin David, originally from Michigan, has spent a large portion of his life exploring the field of music and what it has to offer. Always fascinated by music and the many different forms it can take, Austin has worked tirelessly to explore different styles of writing. After traveling to the Midwest, and performing covers for a few years, he decided to shift his focus from covers to original songs and moved his career to Los Angeles. Austin’s main inspirations are pop and blues but he does not limit himself creatively when it comes to music genres. Instead, he lets the music flow naturally during a writing session and has fun mixing sounds to create new and unique pieces. The last few years have been mainly writing focused for Austin David, and his dedication and persistence comes alive in his music.

Austin David’s recent single “Good As Gold” puts a spirited twist on a traditional pop song, quickly hooking the listener with soothing vocals and a delicate backing track. His voice is gentle yet dynamic, perfectly accompanied by simple acoustics throughout the song. Austin transports his audience with passionate lyrics and leaves you feeling peaceful and uplifted. “Good As Gold” has a catchy melody that is sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and would be perfect for an intimate live performance between Austin and his fans. The name Austin Davis is surely one to look out for, he is working hard to create music that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Check out “Good As Gold” by Austin David here.

What inspired you to write this particular track?

It's hard to pin down what inspired it. The lyrics all hit me in a flash. I did a very little editing.

When did you realize your love of performing?

Probably around 16 or 17 when I started playing local clubs around Michigan.

Have you always known that music was the right career for you?

Not so much career (at this point) but passion project for sure.

What does a typical songwriting session look like for you? Do you typically start with lyrics or a general melody/sound?

Most usually it starts with a little guitar hook and a strong theme I can riff on lyrically. I write mostly alone, but I have been co-writing a lot more lately. My next single coming out after this was written by two incredible writer friends along with myself.

You spent a long time performing covers across the country, who would you say is your biggest inspiration musically?

Bob Marley. Kurt Cobain. Paul & John etc

Are there any new projects we can look forward to following “Good As Gold”? An album perhaps? More singles. More Videos. A great live set in 2020. :) maybe a grammy? :)