Rising Artist Olympia Papageorgiou Impresses With “Salud” Ft. Eddy Fuego

Olympia Papageorgiou was born in Larnaca, Cyprus, into a musical family. Singing and playing piano from a very young age, Olympia and her family moved to America when she was 8 years old. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Olympia was signed to Qurriculum Global Record Label in February of 2017. He music ranges from R&B and jazz with Greek and American influences. Olympia is currently striving towards her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Mercer University while also pursuing music.

“Salud” Ft. Eddy Fuego is a bilingual urban single with undertones of R&B and a jazz flair. “Salud” appeals with familiarity but engages the more thoughtful listener with a unique ambiance, a clear level of character, and a poetic and emotional lyrical drive. Olympia Papageorgiou’s vocal style is mature, captivating, and charmingly ethereal. There’s an accessible nature to the melody in “Salud”, the rise up from the gentle verse to the uplifting hook, but with that, you get a notable level of personality and style that helps move the song away into its own realm. Contrast is utilized effortlessly, in both the development of the instrumentation and in Olympia’s own varied and passionate performance. The song is addictively enjoyable, seeming partly classic, nostalgic and trip-hop inspired, and a fresh and exciting alternative to the mainstream loops of today.

Check out “Salud” here and read more with Olympia Papageorgiou in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Olympia! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We’re hypnotized by your voice! Have you had any professional training or having you honed your vocal style over time? 

Thank you very much, that is a wonderful compliment! I have always joined chorus groups in school so I had some basic training throughout my younger school years but I have had a vocal coach now for over 12 years! She is a wonderful woman and has helped me learn some important skills. There is always room to improve even after years of training so I hope to continue my lessons as much as I can. I am very grateful.

What does your track “Salud” mean to you? What inspired this song? 

This song is such a summer vibe. It reminds me of the summer on the beach and having fun with friends! I also love to dance and the moment I heard this track, I wanted it. This song came about because I love to bring in more of an international twist to my music and this was the perfect opportunity. I love world sound and influence. I am from a Greek background so I try to mix Greek in wherever I can and Salud was really the song that I could do that with. Eddy Fuego, raps his part entirely in Creole so this song really merges cultures and languages together.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I have a few singles out now that are completely different from each other. The songs go from Reggeaton to RnB so you can imagine that each song would attract a different audience. I hope that when a person listens to my music it takes them away for the few minutes that it plays. I want people to enjoy the music for what it is. Maybe it will inspire them in some way.

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements so far?

When I was signed to Qurriculum Global, an independent record label in Atlanta, it changed my life entirely. I now have a loving and supportive team and was able to release music officially as a recording artist. It is so strange to type your name in Apple Music and your face shows up you know? It’s a dream and I am living it. The other wonderful thing about this record label is that it supports students and my team understands that I make school a priority. There are many blessings to be thankful for.

What are you working on through the end of 2019?

We have some things we are working on but they are little secrets. We will see what will happen but I hope everyone is excited as much as I am! I am looking forward to doing more.

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