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Rising Artist Out Of NYC, Jaz Vernon Releases New Hit Single "Race Me"

Jaz Vernon is a singer-songwriter from New York City who released his riveting and exclusive new single titled Race Me”. We can already predict that "Race Me" will soon become a charting hit that we won’t be able to get enough of! “Pull up to the house past two” is the leading lyric in the "Race Me" that I found myself constantly repeating. Actually, the entire hook is so addicting with a transitional melody contained with relaxing and smooth suavemente vocals to keep you at ease while you're listening. Jaz Vernon's melodies are one of a kind and memorable. Jaz Vernon has a cool unique flow that you'll find yourself singing along to while listening. "Race Me" fits perfectly in the current trend of R&B music that has a slight Hip Hop and Trap edge to it. However, it’s an abundant vibe song that can get you in the mood for that special someone on your mind, giving you that instant confidence boost as you listen. “Race Me” is a song with flirtatious and playful wordplay to help vividly paint the aesthetic of the song. The alluring tune and beat combined with his smooth beyond words vocals makes this song a total hit!

Be sure to listen and add "Race Me" to your Spotify playlist here! Get to know Jaz Vernon with our exclusive interview below!


Jaz we really love what you're doing right now, can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Sure, I’m 23 years old, born and raised in the City (NY). Music has been my life ever since I can remember. As a kid growing up with one parent from the Caribbean (Trinidad) and the other from Africa (Nigeria), I’ve always been surrounded by music. Music is a major part in both of my cultures, so in my house there was always some type of music playing almost everyday and night. As a kid, I self taught myself how to play the piano, and then later learned how to play other instruments including the trumpet, drums etc. I loved playing instruments and the unique sounds that each instrument makes. Back in high school, I decided to start writing songs, rapping, singing, and then I began producing. Music is my life man, being able to put what’s on my mind into the form of a song is kind of therapeutic at times. A lot of people just wanna make music to be famous these days, or make music because it’s trending, which is cool, but for me, it’s more than that, it’s more than a hobby or a passion. It’s a part of who I’ve been and who I am. 

What would you say is your standout feature about your music?

If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I’d say it would be the energy, harmonies and melodies I choose. Usually in most of my music, you can hear melodies that resemble those you might hear from R&B songs in the 90s. Because I learned so much from that era in music and developed this genuine appreciation for it, it’s almost second nature to use what I’ve leaned during that time, and implement it in the music I make now. 

How excited were you to release “Race Me”? How is "Race Me" different than your past releases?

I’d say the feeling is past excitement, I haven’t released music in almost a year. It gets frustrating trying to balance school, music, and a job all at once. But I decided to finally give more of my time to what I do best and I feel like I should have made that decision a long time ago. What’s different this time around is that I have NOISE in my corner. Before, I’d just release music and just promote it myself without much of a support system, but in today’s era of music you either need a team behind you or you have to go viral. So I chose to have a team behind me so that I could focus more on what I need to do as an artist, without the distractions and other things hindering my creative process. 

“Race Me” has some real flirtatious lyricism! What motivated you to write "Race Me"? 

Honestly, I wrote the song based on an encounter I had with a girl at a party a few years back while in college. Yes, I remember being at this big ass house that one of my friends threw every year. There was this one girl who I had been talking to here and there, just had met her a few weeks before that. Anyway, we both were with our own group of friends, the regular shenanigans. there was a point where I was plotting to pull up on her to see wassup, but it was dark as hell in there and the smoke in the air made it really hard to see inside. I’d see her for a good 10 seconds each time. I tried to get to her side of the party, then she’d disappear. At some point I really thought I was tripping. I had all these things I wanted to say if I had the chance to but, it was looking like a dub because she kept on disappearing. After more time passed, I managed to finally find her towards the end of the night, to pull up and make a little small talk even though I hate small talk. Keep in mind though, it’s pitch black in there, smoke all in the air, music blasting so loud you could feel the base in your chest. Probably not the best time to have a convo right? But after the party let out, we found each other again and ended up linking,  staying up all night just chopping it up. It seems like more of a cliche these days, but I was really just trying to just get to know her, feel her vibe out and she actually turned out to be one of the coolest girls I still know today. 

Are you planning on releasing a video to “Race Me” soon? 

Yeah! I’ll be releasing a promo video for the song as well as a lyric video for people who need the lyrics.

What can we expect from you next?

I plan on releasing an EP soon, late spring or early summer, as well as releasing cohesive visuals. I also plan on touring as soon as I can because I’m eager to meet the people who genuinely connect with me and listen to my music. I’ve only seen tour life from the outside looking in, so switching perspectives is something I’m looking forward to.   


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