Rising Artist Out Of NYC, Jaz Vernon Releases New Hit Single "Race Me"

Jaz Vernon is a singer-songwriter from New York City who released his riveting and exclusive new single titled Race Me”. We can already predict that "Race Me" will soon become a charting hit that we won’t be able to get enough of! “Pull up to the house past two” is the leading lyric in the "Race Me" that I found myself constantly repeating. Actually, the entire hook is so addicting with a transitional melody contained with relaxing and smooth suavemente vocals to keep you at ease while you're listening. Jaz Vernon's melodies are one of a kind and memorable. Jaz Vernon has a cool unique flow that you'll find yourself singing along to while listening. "Race Me" fits perfectly in the current trend of R&B music that has a slight Hip Hop and Trap edge to it. However, it’s an abundant vibe song that can get you in the mood for that special someone on your mind, giving you that instant confidence boost as you listen. “Race Me” is a song with flirtatious and playful wordplay to help vividly paint the aesthetic of the song. The alluring tune and beat combined with his smooth beyond words vocals makes this song a total hit!

Be sure to listen and add "Race Me" to your Spotify playlist here! Get to know Jaz Vernon with our exclusive interview below!