Rising From "Out of Nowhere," KUNAISKILL is an Artist You Shouldn't Sleep On

KUNAISKILL is a rising talent out of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Once riddled with depression and hopelessness, Miami-based producer Ebaniez met KUNAISKILL through mutual friends while he was visiting Honduras. From there the two linked and Ebaniez began to send KUNAISKILL beats to express his artistic talents over. Fast forward to two years later and KUNAISKILL has arrived at the scene with his debut EP, 'Out Of Nowhere.' Taking inspiration from indie pop, grunge, and emo-rap, the five-track project exudes the virtuoso abilities of KUNAISKILL as he sings and raps about his past relationships, going through various emotions and feeling lost.

Introducing us to the body of work that is “Out of Nowhere,” KUNAISKILL radiates a unique clarity in his vocal delivery on the EP’s introductory single, “School Days.” Melodically performing over mid-tempo instrumentation that pulls your attention towards the layers of distortion speaking to the complexity of the composition, KUNAISKILL conveys heartfelt messaging through his songwriting techniques that gracefully ease us into the quintessence of this project. ‘Since I was a kid, I was a misfit,’ is the lyrical motif that allows us to get to know the artist emerging from the underground rap scene with his emotionally intriguing expressions.

Transitioning into a dark representation of up-tempo vibrancy, the reverberated essence of KUNAISKILL on “Long Time No See,” has him articulating his sentiments in a bilingual presentation of the English and Spanish language. A mind-altering spirit surfaces from the effervescent beat structure as we become fixated with the distant resonance of the bass sitting in the composition in all of its glory. Delving into a variety of cadences in the realm of icy and slick, KUNAISKILL has us up and out of our seats while implementing emcee-like verses and the prevailing nature of his timbres repeating, ‘and we can party all night till 3.’

Third, on the tracklist we have the somber essence of “Used 2.” With the instrumentation taking full control through the live drum patterns offered up, versus the emphasis on mechanical patterns in Ebaniez’ DAW of choice, the liveliness is a refreshing take that assists in illuminating the melancholic lyrics shed by KUNAISKILL. Slowing the tempo to create an impactful moment of breathtaking nostalgia, we can’t help but transport ourselves