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Rising From the Ashes, Alexis Hana is a, "Savage"

The Santa Cruz-born and raised Pop queen is not playing nice when it comes to drying her fresh take on heartbreak. From humble beginnings in 2016 where Alexis Hana would perform at bars and coffee shops, she has gained momentum and found a path to success that she diligently strives to maintain. Sitting on the fence of being a blend between Jhene Aiko and Katy Perry, Alexis Hana has a soulful voice that will surprise you.

Returning with the eloquently striking echoes that seep through her most recent single “Savage,” Alexis Hana tours us through this dark soundscape with a chilling vocal performance that’s bound to leave you with goosebumps.

Creating a theatrical release of triumph that is fastened into the instrumentation as it progresses from sparse, and timely atmospheric hues, to the colossal uproar of amplified percussion swirling through the sonic canvas of authenticity, we hear Alexis Hana master what she does best. The delicate, yet prevailing intensity that is her hauntingly candid vocalization, has us surfing through the impeccable fusion of timing and spatial cues that she ignites “Savage” with.

Delving into a profound representation that is her exclusive truth, the lyrical motifs leave us with her side of the story as we bite down on words like, ‘you made a girl a savage.’ With the intricate structure that we dissect in this piece, themes of self-assuredness and perseverance come to the forefront. Alexis Hana does a wonderful job at allowing her audience to engage with the emotions she genuinely felt during the making of “Savage.”

Bringing a fortified connection to us in a way that encompasses her irrefutable integrity, Alexis Hana lets us know that she’s here to take back the life that she deserves.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Alexis, and congratulations on the release of your latest hit, “Savage.” We admire the dark approach that illuminates beams of your veracity throughout this track. Was there a particular tipping moment for you that brought “Savage” to your creative spectrum?

Thank you so much! There was no ONE moment for Savage to come to the surface. It was actually written about a multitude of different experiences and events, some were friend's situations and others were from my own personal perspective. I figured, if my friends and I have gone through the same or similar experiences with men, then there have to be a million other girls that can relate to this "f you feeling," after someone made a fool out of you and hardened your shell.

Do you find that now that this song is released to the ears of the public, that you have some closure in the situation that brought you to this state of mind? How has your headspace changed from the time of creation, to now?

I think a lot of clarity came from writing it. Of course, it's awesome that everyone else can hear it now, writing it and collaborating in the studio really was the therapeutic part of the process for me. I think when I was first writing it, it stemmed from a lot of anger and coming out on the other end now, I've realized that no one can really change who you are unless you let them, no one made me a "savage" beside myself.

What are you hoping that your audience can pick up on in “Savage,” in terms of themes, messages, and personal reflections?

I hope people can listen to it and feel empowered. I know that sounds cliche, but I just imagine friends driving in the car screaming it at the top of their lungs after they feel someone made a mockery out of them and their hearts! I want them to feel like they have their crowns and their fire back and how cute of someone else to think that they could EVER have the power to take that away from them.

With every artist aiming to accomplish something different through the music they create, what is your mission statement as an artist?

I just don't want anyone to feel alone, and if they do, to find a companion in the music. You are never really as alone as you feel you are.

What's next for you?

More songs! And shows now that the world is slowly starting to re-open, but hey, stick around and find out.

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