Rising Hip Hop Aye1 Dre Drops His Latest New Single “Better Things”

Aye1 Dre has a very simple goal with his music. He makes quality songs for your soul but also knows how to make you want to turn up. This was the case with the release of his single “Better Things”. “You don’t want no problems, you want better things” was the opening lyrics to this single. “Better Things” had a melodic piano instrumental that set the soulful and emotional setting for the song first. Aye1 Dre passionately delivers romantic lyrics with a strong conviction.

“Better Things” was a great spin on your typical idea of love songs. While catering to your heart with the great piano keys, Aye1 Dre still manages to cultivate a hip-hop sound through the production. Through his cadence and rooted rap bass that we love implemented with the piano, Aye1 Dre creates an exciting single that can be played for various different occasions. From our interpretation, “Better Things” was about a girl who Aye1 Dre has his eyes on whose living a troubling lifestyle, however, he knows and she knows she can seek better for herself, the same way Aye1 Dre can seek better for himself. Aye1 Dre self-proclaims himself as the king of trap harmony and with a song like “Better Things”, we have no doubt that this is accurate.

Listen to “Better Things” by Aye1 Dre, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Aye1 Dre! Can you tell us about your upbringing and background? In what ways has your environment inspired you musically? Young kid born out of Columbia, SC. The city has always been my home. I'm from a place where there’s more crime than support for each other and I’m giving back to that cause because you can never forget where you come from. We all brothers and sisters in the same situation and if there wasn’t so much hate and jealousy we could all be winning right now. But Anyway I kept my head straight and stayed in sports from 8yrs old thru college. I went to college in Myrtle Beach, SC. I come from a family of singers on both sides of my family but more professional singers on my dad's side. I didn’t get the voice that they had but I got the ear for music and the creativeness to make a sound that’s not like anyone else’s! From freestyling with my nephew to freestyling with my homeboys to freestyling before a football game I stayed lit and always had a love for music. Then I went to college and that’s where I found my calling. I dealt with depression and sometimes I just didn’t feel like doing anything and what changed my mood was music. So now I do the same for others. I try to give them a sound that’s fire but also gone transport you to a different world. Let’s talk about your song “Better Things”. Beginning with this harmonic but trap production. Can you describe to us your intentions with the arrangement of this song? What was the vibe you wanted the listener to feel from the beat? With the arrangement, I kind of just wanted to show that I can change flow like I change clothes. It’s one of my favorite things to do actually. Switch the flow and then figure out different ways to harmonize. But also when I wrote that song I was dealing with a lot at the moment and one of the hardest things was my aunt passing which I mention in that song. Rip Auntie. And then I just felt like there was a lot of doubt around my name and how I was handling my own situations, so I kind of just opened up and in other words saying don’t worry about us we good and we on to better things. The lyrics in “Better Things” were very detailed. What was your songwriting approach towards this song? Were you able to personally relate to the lyrics? Why or why not? I’m the type of person that likes to bottle shit up you know. But I’m working on being more expressive. And one way I can express my self is through music. I was also detailed because I want to reach people that can relate to the pain and passion and for them to see that if I can find the bright side so can they and just keep moving forward on to better things and don’t look back. Anybody or anything tryna hold us back need to know we moving on to Better Things

I can completely relate to It because I don’t cap in my raps. Everything in that was authentic and true. I want my listeners to feel me and feel where I’m coming from.

How do you plan on elevating your next song from a seemingly perfect hit like “Better Things? Thank you but I don’t think any my songs are perfect tho. Ima perfectionist my self and if I could get a song as perfect as I would like I would be working forever. But to answer your question we just going up from here! I’m telling people early I’m the King of Rap Harmony because with this new wave of music it’s a trap but no Harmony... no meaning. So with my new music, I’m just planning on incorporating my style in different ways. I’m looking forward to the collabs I got coming up. And possible album drops this summer if the support keeps up!

What can we expect to see next from you? I dropped 4 songs back to back this week please go listen and share on all major platforms. I want to do a huge thank you for my fans who helped me reach 10,000 streams in less than a month! It really means the world to me. Help me reach 20K and add my music page on Facebook Aye1 Dre Music and my official Instagram @officialaye1 for my new releases!