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Rising Manchester Artist ppparmie Releases His New Hit "Slow Rider"

19 year old Manchester based artist, ppparmie (pronounced “parmie”) is a young rising star whose influences include the likes of John Mayer, Rex Orange County, Paolo Nutini, and Bruno Major. Incorporating these influences, ppparmie creates smooth and mellow sounds culminating in a versatile array of music and atmospheres. His arrangements feature unique instruments across multiple genres, making ppparmie an easy-listening young artist that is sure to make an impression.

BuzzMusic is happy to release ppparmie’s brand new single, “Slow Rider”. Overall, this song is a good example of an easy-listening, groovy song. The guitar that opens this song sounds quite calming, and the vocals that follow shortly thereafter help to solidify this relaxing atmosphere. The verses and choruses blend together seamlessly which helps amount to a cohesive song. What makes this particular tune unique is the lower register of the vocals. In an era where so many men choose to sing in falsetto, this is a refreshing take on a modern sound. With the release of “Slow Rider”, we are excited to hear what else ppparmie is capable of!

Listen to "Slow Rider" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with pparmie, get to know this young rising artist! #wehearditfirst

Great to chat with you ppparmie! First of all, would you describe your background and how you got involved with music and songwriting?

So I started by learning classical guitar up until grade 8 before I even really knew I wanted to do music and then just through watching performances and listening too music it just came naturally that that was what I wanted to pursue as a career. In terms of songwriting I started a few years ago with just a few small songs one which is in my recent EP called “ Everlost” and then didn’t really do much more up until last year when I really started to write again and record my songs through studio experience I have gained.

You’re currently a resident of Manchester, is that your hometown? What is the music scene like there today?

Yes Manchester is my hometown, the whole scene is very diverse and interesting as the spread of genres is increasing all the time. The genres range from Indie bands with sounds of Oasis too more modern and tech inspired bands, also the rap scene is also thriving slowly as well as the singer song writer scene I am in.

You have a new single, “Slow Rider”. What is the message and meaning behind this song?

Slow rider as a song was just about having fun with a track for once, as the other songs I have released are very personal and tell intricate stories that can be relatable. So it doesn’t really have a specific meaning or message its just an upbeat song that portrays more of a fun and making the music I want type of attitude.

You use a lot of interesting instruments in your arrangements. As an artist, how would you describe your process of creating and arranging songs?

My process always starts with my guitar where I will come up with a chord progression or a general idea that I want to work around, next I will write the lyrics as they come. Finally I record them into logic and then build more instruments such as drums, bass etc to make the song interesting throughout. I would like too be in a position where I can have a studio with a producer and many different instrumentalists so I can expand on my visions and create the music that reaches the potential I see as this is the biggest challenge I feel like I face at the moment.

What's next for ppparmie through 2019?

For me I would love to build my fan base strong and reach consistent high numbers on streaming sights as well as get a team together including management etc in order to give me opportunities to grow and show people what I have too offer. In addition I will be writing and recording new music and putting it onto streaming sights for people to listen to. Finally I want too start playing more official live shows around the UK and even outside even just as a support act as I think this would give me great experience as too what the life style is like and would also help me grow as at the end of the day I want my music too reach as many people as possible.


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