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Rising Producer Aude Beats With His Hit Track “Mine”

Aude Beats is a young music producer who grew up in the most southern city of Windsor Ontario Canada, bordering Detroit Michigan! He began making beats at his mom’s job, working a dead-end job until one day he woke up and realized he was wasting time if he didn’t begin to grasp control of his destiny. Therefore, he left everything in which included his job,his family, his friends, and his girlfriend in order to focus and perfect his craft. With most of his experience being from producing for friends, he is ready for the big stage spotlight now, and to share his sound with the world.

Aude Beats released the single titled “Mine” and it began with a nice flowy rhythm and introduction, hinting the seasonal summer theme. The beat transitions in after, creating a nice hip-hop element to the record. The arrangement of the transitions was timely executed and nicely done. I enjoyed listening to the multiple different directions the beat went in while focusing on the delightful root of the composure. “Mine” was a smoothly done beat that I could picture many rappers in today’s culture elevating it into a hot record! Aude Beats is an impressive producer who knows how to saturate the root of a good hit song. All he needs is a talented artist with a trendy style who could complement this wavy beat, and essentially bring it to life! Despite the lack of a vocalist, “Mine” was still an incredibly formulated track, that still had the energy and excitement to the appeal!

Listen to "Mine" here and get to know more about Aude Beats below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Aude Beats! Tell us about your growing environment. Were you surrounded by music often growing up? Or is this something you discovered later on in life?

Growing up In the late 90’s & 2000s, I never had easy access to music. The internet was still new, and being a new immigrant family in Canada we could not afford a cassette player or Walkman. The only times I had exposure to music was when I was in the car getting a ride.  The First time I was ever inspired by a band, was when I was 8 years old. It was midnight and I was suppose to be in bed. But I heard this tune coming from the T.V. So I snuck out of bed. On the T.V. Was Green Day preforming boulevard of broke dreams live. I stood there watching frozen in time all my hairs were standing up and this feeling flowing down my spine (first chills). That’s when I knew I wanted to make music.

Producers and vocalists have two different yet very important obs in order to make a record translate well! So we must ask you, that were some challenges you faced as a producer that you overcame in order to make this track come to life?

As an artist/producer I believe that hardest challenge is just believing in yourself and your music. I’ve had many people put me down in the past when I was first coming out with my music. I used those people as learning experiences and pushed myself to get better. I promise you if you find something you love doing follow your heart and do it! No matter what anyone tells you. Stick to it and you will be surprised of how far you go.

From your creator point of view, what’s the theme of “Mine?

When I created “Mine” it was New Years and I really wanted to make a song for my party that would be really chill and laid back but also catchy and simple to sing along to. So I went in the studio creating by feel, and what can I say it all came Together. 

If you could include ANY artist of your choice to write, record and deliver  “Mine” to the listeners, who would you choose and why?

I would include Kendrick Lamar. I just believe he has that sound in his voice and flow that would fit and deliver on a laid back party song like “Mine”.

What’s next for you Aude Beats?

Currently I’m working on an EP that will be released later this year! Follow me on social media to stay posted on any new releases.


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