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Rising Star Vivi Matthews Released Her Single “Let Go”

Vivi Matthews is an up and coming singer/songwriter and all around artist based out of Toronto, Canada. Vivi provides you an R&B sound blended with a mix of African/Caribbean rhythms that captivates a unique sound, empowering you to gain the courage to move forward and let go of anything that keeps you down.

Vivi Matthews released her single titled “Let Go” and we couldn’t help but feel groovy with this dancehall type of aesthetic. The afrobeat rhythm was super fun and added a bright radiating vibrance to my mood! Vivi Matthews still delivered the rooted R&B in her vocal style. The resonance of her voice was soft, silky, and rich in texture. This emotionally-rich vocal quality added a nice substance to the vocal delivery of “Let Go”. the enigmatic energy in “Let Go” is great for complementing the paradise feels of summer. Vivi Matthews may be a new artist, but the way she delivers shows us signs of a vet who's been in the game for years! She’s more than ready for a mainstream artist, and “Let Go” will generate a significant amount of buzz from the lovers of rhythmic music and romantically supported lyrics!

Listen to "Let Go" here and get to know more about Vivi Matthews below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us Vivi Matthews! How would you describe your background and upbringing and in what ways has it impacted your music?

I grew up in Toronto, Canada. There is so much talent in the city when It comes to singers,rappers and song writers. I knew in my heart that I always wanted to become one of the dope artists to represent when the time was right. As a young girl I was never into writing journals or diaries. I resonated with putting my emotions into song writing. Thank you for allowing me to take part on your amazing platform! Growing in Toronto, Canada

Let’s talk about your style! Do you have any influences or inspirations for it? It’s super dope!

My parents are of Caribbean descent. I love the Carribbean/African culture when it comes to music. That will always get me on my feet. It inspired me to create music of that nature because it puts me in a happy place.

We loved “Let Go” ! what was the meaning behind this song?

Thank you so much!!! The meaning behind Let Go was about putting too much into a person and losing yourself. It encourages you to press forward with whatever you face. whether its heartbreak or any disappointment, you can and will overcome it!

In what ways was the arrangement of “Let Go” challenging? And how were you able to overcome the challenges of it!?

The challenging part of Let Go was actually stepping out my comfort zone and releasing this song. No one really knew I wrote or wanted to do music and for the fact of facing my reality. I was feeling down in the moment I wrote this song. I allowed my pain to drive me into creating something special through music, which made me overcome it. Its therapeutic.

What’s next for you Vivi Matthews?

What's next for me is more music. I truly want people to just feel. I want to keep creating things that people can relate too in someway. Stay tuned!


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