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RJ’s Latest Arrival And Slum Village Join Forces For Their New Release “One Step At A Time"

The two pioneers show they haven’t missed a beat on this exciting release.

Deep in the heart of the Motor City’s vibrant music scene, two iconic forces joined to create music bridging the gap between old-school charm and modern allure. RJ’s Latest Arrival and Slum Village, two beloved pioneers of Detroit's hip-hop, R&B, and soul scenes, have come together once more to bring audiences to life once again.

Having already long established themselves as respected artists in the scene, they’ve maintained their stellar reputation over the years, and every release from these veterans in the game promises to be a treat.

With a legacy that spans back to 1978, RJ’s Latest Arrival has consistently delivered soulful hits like “Shackles” and “Off the Hook (With Your Love)” that have soared up the Billboard soul ratings. RJ Rice, a founding member of the group, later established Barak Records, setting the stage for the rise of influential rap groups like Slum Village.

Speaking of Slum Village, they’ve also managed to match RJ’s Latest Arrival’s impressive pedigree. Originally featuring the superstar rappers J Dilla and Baatin, Slum Village’s music has consistently topped charts and attracted collaborations with legendary artists such as Kanye West, John Legend, Questlove, and De La Soul.

On “One Step At a Time,” musical worlds collide in the most beautiful, sensual way possible. Featuring groovy, enticing slow jam instrumentals, you’re instantly swept off your feet and to the dance floor. Funk and soul influences are evident and welcome, and the vocal performances of RJ Rice and DeDe Leitta complement each other beautifully.

“One Step At A Time” is accompanied by enticing music that keeps the retro vibes going, as RJ and DeDe are dripped out in fedoras and mink slings, evoking the charm and romance of classic offerings. “One Step At a Time” is a charming release tailor-made to enjoy with the person you love.

“One Step at a Time” is a release filled with classic tendencies but remains just as, if not more, enticing in modern scenes. Enchanting and sensual to the core, it’s sure to be right at home in any romantic playlist you have.

Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream RJ’s Latest Arrival and Slum Village’s new release, “One Step At A Time," available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RJ's Latest Arrival, and Slum Village! We loved "One Step at a Time," it feels like an instant classic! What was the creative process like for this video? How did you split up vocal and instrumental duties?

We knew this would be the first time the public would hear the group again, so we had to get it right. We first had to contact the members Johann (Petey), Paris (Mooch), and Craig; then, everything started to fall into place, and Petey ensured the choreography was proper. To top it off, T3 and Young RJ (Slum Village) are professionals, coming with the chant, "I can see if you can do it like this, let me see you do it like that, One Step Uh!" Oh yeah... and it also helps to know people their whole life. Slum Village is family.

For artists who've been in the industry as long as you have, what do you think is the most important feature or characteristic for an artist to have?

Love of music, staying your original self, having confidence, and believing in what you're doing - also a working knowledge of the audience/genre of music you're trying to capture.

Do you both have any favorite music-related memories you'd like to share?

We performed the most memorable music-related favorite one night (where I can't remember); everything was spot on, the choreography, the music, everything... then we sang "Heaven In Your Arms," and we had a flawless performance. That's when we received our first standing ovation.

What do you want listeners to feel when they listen to your music?

We want them to experience the moment… when they first heard our music, what they were doing, and how it made them feel.

What's next for the both of you? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

New music is in the works, and we hope they're as excited about it as we are.


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