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Rob Giles’s Love Shines On His New Release, “Some Stars”

When we shine together, there’s no loss we can’t overcome, even when others try to dim our light with their selfishness.

Sometimes, our journey to find our destinies is anything but straightforward. For veteran musician Rob Giles, this proved to be the case; one fateful night, he walked off stage at a sold-out show in LA and simply disappeared from the spotlight.

The fact that Giles didn’t post about it on social media or even tell his friends was the fault of a terrifying truth; he couldn’t sing for more than a minute without pain. He had the genuine worry that his voice might’ve been damaged beyond repair, but as Giles would soon prove, absolutely nothing could conquer his indomitable artistic spirit.

After embarking on his musical hiatus, Rob Giles nonetheless managed to find other productive mediums for his artistic expression. He would taste success as a writer for Warner Bros. Studios (later selling no less than five shows to the studio) before his creative journey seemingly ended as he went to grad school to become a therapist.

However, some artists’ relationship with music seems destined for the stars. Spurred on by a friend, Rob Giles was inspired to give his first artistic love another try, and one thing is for sure: we’re glad he did.

“Some Stars” is, in many ways, a fitting return to the scene for Rob Giles. An introspective, thoughtful release that brims with quiet strength, “Some Stars” is the lead single from the EP, which also spawned the captivating singles “Show Me The Way to The Ocean” and “Tears Into Art.”

Over calming, ambient instrumentals, lyrics like “Somehow she got me lost / My true north got tossed” are delivered with an almost serene cadence that masks the pain beneath, but lines like “Some stars fear they’ll come undone if everyone / Shines like the sun” hint at a comforting truth. In the power of unity lies the strength to overcome. Rob Giles is back like he never left and is better than ever.

Rob Giles’s new release, “Some Stars,” is a soothing and charming offering that reveals that even when someone dims our universe with negative energy, together, we can shine bright.


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