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Robbie Vonn Enchants Listeners With The Release Of “If I,” Featuring Juliet Lyons

Producer extraordinaire Robbie Vonn, utilizes his musical talents to create his visionary pop sound. He elegantly makes life, loss, and loves tangible. In addition, Robbie Vonn ensures that his audience is submerged in a dream-like atmosphere whenever they press play by incorporating a cinematic, evocative, and experimental touch into his craft.

On October 22nd, Robbie Vonn released the record "If I," recruiting the help of the gentle songstress Juliet Lyons. The song debuted the same day as his first EP 'Hopeless Memories.' The lyrics to "If I" reflect a profound and wistful unfairness and loneliness. With an orchestral interlude, it's fair to say that "If I" wouldn't feel out of place in a theatrical performance. Robbie Vonn engages the audience with every note by magically engineering a voyage through the experiences of life.

Juliet Lyons' angelic voice is effortless on the ears, and her airy delivery brings the listener to euphoria. Her melancholic lyrics effortlessly succeed at pulling every last heartstring by speaking from her deeply pained soul. The joyful play of the piano is a stark contrast to the saddened state of the message being delivered in "If I." The song demonstrates Robbie Vonn's genuine ability to connect with his fans by relating all too well to the norm of hiding one's sorrow within. "If I" is guaranteed to stir up old memories while fabricating everlasting new ones.

Considering that this is but the first project from the talented producer, Robbie Vonn has incredible potential. His unique take on genre-bending and sound creation gives him quite an advantage in today's music scene. We are delighted at the prospect of hearing more of his work and encourage you to give Robbie Vonn's music a listen for yourself.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Robbie Vonn. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind your song "If I?"

Sometimes life is unfair, lonely. Sometimes it inspires music like this one. "If I" are thoughts crossing a person's mind in those "not that happy" moments that I imagine most of us have experienced in life. The song navigates through these moments, with glimpses of hope every now and then that quickly fade away until you basically give up. I understand it's not what you would say to your kids, but as adults, we should be able to embrace those difficult moments, grieve, shed a tear if necessary, and more importantly, move on, which is basically the theme of the entire EP, life experiences.

What is the creative process like, working with such a talented individual like Juliet Lyons?

The three songs in "Hopeless Memories" were written a while back in a room. The melodies were always there, but it took an effort to turn them into guitar chords and lyrics. Nothing new in this equation, 80% effort + 10% inspiration + 10% luck; at least in my case. Even with a song fully written, it does not really exist until it sounds and feels real, and that happened when Juliet sent back to me her first "demo." From that moment, we went through the recording process until it became what it is today. Working with Juliet was an amazing experience. Today I still feel honored that she and other musicians and artists were open to working with me on this EP.

Why is it important to you to dive deep into your psyche when creating your music?

I believe music comes from the heart, or at least from a place I cannot explain scientifically.

I guess asking yourself basic questions like "why" or "who" can make an effort to harness and guide the inspiration, and with a bit of luck, create a meaningful song, at least for yourself.

Can you describe the feeling of successfully releasing your first EP?

Having the EP streaming in most platforms feels like I passed a complex test despite the limited resources. I am mostly startled by what you can accomplish with a laptop, a keyboard, and a guitar, let alone the connection you can make virtually with amazing people around the world. Simply remarkable. It'll be interesting in a month or so to look back and see what can be done more efficiently, or even "If I" do it again, who knows.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

This project is all about the music, its lyrics, and the art behind it. Every piano, cello, and guitar piece, every word in the lyrics, every tweak in the mixing console, and every pixel of the artwork, were carefully crafted by a group of amazing people (Thanks to all of them).

I just hope listeners enjoy the art, lyrics, and a mix of the most glitchy electronic sounds with the purest cellos and flamenco guitars.

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