Robert James Nuzello Jr. Takes You on an Atmospheric Journey with His Singles, “Less” and “Vascular”

Robert James Nuzello Jr has an interesting style and unique musical ability that will you find yourself quite captivated by. His single “Less” was filled with special arrangements and a unique product that caters to the lovers of the unorthodox. The sound fx in the beat and intricate vocal delivery was highly memorable. However, the lyrics in “Less” felt extremely poignant and poetic. Less was even slightly funky with the synths and his voice resonance. Robert James Nuzello Jr takes his listener on this ambivalent journey that felt like we were traveling into the future. What’s unique about this single is once you reach the end of the song the entire production of the track transitions into something more vague and misty. It’s like you’ve reached the end of your destination. After a transporting vacation into the retro-funk arrangements, you come to a halt with an indistinct melody. His songwriting style stands out to me due to this. Robert James Nuzello Jr knows how to take his listener into a unique journey.

The release of his single “Vascular” was highly atmospheric and nearly ethereal. The hazy production was dream-like with a component of realism in the lyrics. “Vascular” elevated you into this new aspect and realm of music. This song hypnotizes the listener with different elemental components for you to become lost in. “Vascular” makes you feel as if you’re escaping your day to day realities and becoming a character of your imagination. “Vascular” allows the listener’s creative freedom to roam while listening to this record and the end result is very much appreciated. I love this feature of the song the most. The effect it has on me and the way it gives me a space to become lost within my thoughts and mind. It’s a special, idiosyncratic way of creating music that’s only catered to the skill of Robert James Nuzello Jr. Robert James Nuzello Jr treats his music just like art. The images he paints are vivid while allowing his listener to get lost within the orientated music. “Less” and “Vascular” were both contextual singles that placed me into a state of relaxation. these songs create the vibe for you due to its natural peaceful and serene elements. He’s an enchanting artist with a sound that will transport you into multiple dimensions. Who doesn’t like music that allows you to take a break from the realities of some of our harsh days? You can listen to the otherworldly but captivating 2 song album here!

Hey Robert James Nuzzello Jr., welcome to BuzzMusic! You’ve been making music ever since the 90s! In what ways has your style developed or changed throughout the decades?

Hey, thank you for having me. I’m going with the super long answer on this one. Yes, I started playing guitar as a kid in the late 90s and by the early 2000s at 18 - 21 I was recording, performing, auditioning for labels, opening for big names, and licensing to film/tv with a couple of different bands. Took it for granted a little bit, we were young, it was fun, I was on a roll – dropped out of college twice. The music I made at the time was very guitar-driven, angsty, white stripey blues-based delay pedal stuff, I loved nirvana and rap beats.

Those opportunities/projects fell apart (as things in life can easily do) and I moved to Los Angeles at 21 and started a band, same alternative/indie style of music. I was going to move to NYC at 23 and start a new band with Justin Courtney Roberts, but.. I broke my leg because it was 4am, I was drunk and whatnot, and I wouldn’t stop air humping my friend’s face while he was trying to just sit against the wall. He tackled me full force, health insurance-less emergency room in the morning, the whole thing. Anyway, I ended up back in New Haven and stayed, where Justin and I started Fake Babies. We called the genre Dirty Soul. I put down the guitar (mostly) and bought an MPC and synth. The albums are available, people like it. We also briefly ran a DIY venue called the Submarine, played a lot of gigs around the northeast and won ‘best other’ and ‘best r&b’ at the CT music awards. We broke up a few years ago, everyone lives in different states now but we text funny and/or expressive shit to each other sometimes. One of them has a real baby now. 

That was my age 23 to 30 peek band that never went anywhere far enough to go anywhere. Now I have a great quiet life and basement studio where I make basement soul alternative electronic-ish rock-pop music and put it on streaming and try to get some press.

I have a record available called ‘Est. 1984’ where you can hear my solo work from 2007 – 2015. That record probably best represents the question I tried to answer here. There’s a lot of different styles on there, lo-fi 808 toy piano tambourine songs etc. 

Which has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an artist so far and how have you overcame this?

The music industry might be the most saturated industry there is. Plus, it’s been turned upside down a few times overdue to technology etc over the years. But, that’s pretty much why this interview is happening now too. I can get my music out into the world through streaming and online mags, I can make the basement soul and people all over the world can hear it, not the worst thing.

But that’s the industry side, as an artist everything is cool. I’m not a good singer but I never really did anything to overcome that except keep doing it. I guess keeping a single project together and building upon it is tough when life moves so quickly and other people are involved. Also, your desire to make art changes. You continue to make it for different reasons, sometimes you make shit you don’t think is good until a new reason to make it finds you like the new you and you make shit you like again.

Between “Less” and “Vascular”, what’s the main theme you were seeking to deliver in both singles?

No theme really. I just like short songs that are to the point, have a good beat, and kinda weird sounds.

What inspired you to write these songs Robert James Nuzzello Jr.?

‘Less’ – I made a 3-day deal in my head to quit smoking cigs. 72 hours no nicotine cold turkey self-induced rehab style. I set 3 days to have nothing that I have to do and nowhere to be, to do whatever I want whenever except smoke cigs. The first day I made ‘Less’. I made a beat, came up with a simple chord progression and layered the shit out of it and turned it into a song, kinda, thumping beat ditty. I think the 3rd day I went out and bought an electronic drum kit to plug my phone into the aux and play drums over rap songs. I started smoking cigs again on vacation about 3 months later. Love cigs, gotta do 3-day rehab again and make another song.

‘Vascular’ – I was playing synth on the super dreamy space sound that’s in the song now, came across a chord progression that moved me, wrote a couple of vocal hooks and bam, a song. I sampled a snip of talk in the breakdown part about how sometimes there are signals from our brain to our body that take us out of control of our body and brain.

We’re sure you’re looking to do amazing things in this upcoming new year. Can you hint to our readers what we can expect from you in 2020?

I will be releasing singles as I finish them – a few throughout the year probably. If you like what you hear follow me on Spotify or wherever so you can catch the new stuff. Please and Thank you. Have a good rest of your year.