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Robin Gabrielle Makes Critical Realizations In a New Single, "X"

Bearing an important message is the latest single from singer-songwriter and pop/r&b recording artist Robin Gabrielle entitled "X."

It's easy to recognize Robin Gabrielle's soulful and poignant tunes; she's become known for her introspective, vulnerable, and nostalgic approach to music creation. The Berklee College graduate says that creating music is what keeps her moving through day-to-day challenges, "if my music allows others to know that their feelings are valid too, then I've done my job," says Gabrielle.

Recently dropping her emotional and soothing single, "X," listeners can get to know a more personal and intimate side of Robin Gabrielle as she wears her heart on her sleeve to portray the trials and tribulations of damaged love. Produced by Jacob Lincoln, Robin Gabrielle hopes that her new single will help listeners become more aware of the situations they put themselves through.

Beginning our venture into "X," we're met with the softest of r&b keys alongside Robin Gabrielle's angelic and fluttery vocals. As she beginnings to depict how she once loved and praised a significant other, we move into the soul-soothing hook that sends plenty of chills down the spine. The song's contemporary r&b sonics paired with Robin Gabrielle's lush background harmonies are nothing but pleasing to the ear.

While Robin Gabrielle continues to dissect the wrongs of a past relationship, she later realizes losing self-respect when attempting to fix what they had. We genuinely appreciate how vulnerable and open Robin Gabrielle is within this single; she allows anyone to find a piece of themselves within her relatable and compelling lyricism.

Feel your heart skip a beat with Robin Gabrielle's latest single, "X," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Robin Gabrielle. We must say how much we appreciate your vulnerability and relatability within your recent single, "X." Could you describe the moment you felt inspired to create this emotional piece?

I'm so glad you guys can relate to the song and enjoy listening to it! I can't say there was one specific moment that inspired me to write "X" because I had the idea for the song in my notes for a few years. But it was a collection of moments with different people throughout my life that kept bringing up the same feelings in me that I never addressed. But because of the pandemic and being on lockdown, I had more time to think and process those feelings. -Which then led to "X" being fully fleshed out.

Was it challenging to write about those crucial realizations you made within a past relationship during your songwriting process for "X?" Or did this process flow easily?

This song was the hardest song I have ever written!- Concept wise. Simply because I was trying to capture the essence of those feelings of losing yourself in toxic relationships because you're trying to make other people happy instead of loving on yourself. Another reason the writing process was so hard was that I wanted to capture every situation but that would have resulted in a 20 min song. So there were a lot of rewrites.

Do you usually create such blissful and atmospheric r&b sonics for your songs, similar to "X?" How did producer Jacob Lincoln help execute your vision?

Yea, so when you first heard from me with Providence Serenade and Hey Sugar!, I was trying to write from a non-authentic space. But with "X" and all songs moving forward they will be much more authentic and sonically pleasing. Jacob Lincoln can take your vision as well as think sonically outside the box and put it into the beats that he creates and it was nice because when I explained the vibe of "X" and sent the demo to him he understood the assignment 100%. So I loved working with him and will be working with him in the future.

How do you hope listeners will react to the new single, "X?" What impact do you want the song to make on your audience?

I hope on first listen, the audience will love the vibe, beauty, and mystique of the song. But what I want listeners to understand is that although this song is about being in toxic relationships. It's also about realizing that loving yourself and choosing to separate yourself from those unhealthy situations is more important than being around people just to be around them.

What's next for you?

What's next is now that everything is opening back up again, I've been going to open mic nights, and getting perfecting my stage presence. But in the immediate, I'm recording alot of new music similar to "X" and will be releasing a song in December entitled "Sit-In."


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