Robin Harris Jr Brings Listeners a Smooth and Cultured Experience With EP Release "Black Merlot"

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Robin Harris Jr is a man who continues to build his legacy regarding his music. He's pursued his ultimate passion for music and has never withdrawn his clear interest in building a career out of what it is he loves to do. With an intended goal of cultivating a refreshed and enriching sound within the R&B music community, Robin Harris Jr set out to prove his contemporary sound with the release of "Black Merlot". Robin Harris Jr offers a very atmospheric and thoughtful approach right off the bat with "Happy Hour", the first track his EP sees. This track, produced by Anderson Knight, embodies an alluring and almost underground performance. Once the production is coupled with Robin Harris Jr's smooth vocal execution, "Happy Hour" brings about an intimate and luxurious feeling. We're ultimately transformed into a mysterious and methodical experience. We're soon exposed to Robin Harris Jr's next sultry appeal in "Henny Love", featuring flavourful artist Fallon Favor. The collective blend of the two artists is absolutely stunning for a multitude of reasons. Their voices embody a certain kind of elegance, yet still brings about that intimate connection, making the entire performance feel very authentic.

Eventually, we glide along to "Airplane Mode", featuring Jacob G. The synth integration right from the start of this track is what allows your attention to remain fixed on the song. The effortless flow present within "Airplane Mode" is what will keep that attention for the remainder of the track. That slight elegance is still maintained within this track, similar to "Henny Love", which makes sense considering producer Joey Billiams worked and collaborated on both tracks! You can tell that the atmosphere was crafted meticulously by Joey Billiams, working to produce the ultimate vibe seen within these two tracks. Robin Harris Jr continues to impress with his versatility in this track, and how he can easily embed all of his pivotal artistic qualities into one track. We continue to see this versatile presence in his next track, "Single". This track sees a collaboration with Vinci Lewis, which adds to the effect of Robin Harris Jr in the best way possible. There's an aggressive presence within this track with Vinci Lewis, which complements the slow and smooth execution of Robin Harris Jr. The two together are able to create an incredibly intense, yet calm atmosphere for listeners. Robin Harris Jr is the type of artist that gives off a creamy vocal performance, and every track from his EP thus far has seen that element.

Robin Harris Jr's EP ends with "Angel Pt. 2", featuring artist Christina Cardella and Orlando Thompson. There's a more intimate and integral connection being made between listener and artist here within this particular track. Robin Harris Jr continues to make us feel satisfied with his thoughtful performance, and his ability to execute his flow of lyricism in a way that is absolutely enriched. "Black Merlot" was an impressive EP, start to finish, and Robin Harris Jr really set out to prove his capabilities, which were easily understood. It's easy to say that we're ultimately intrigued with what he will release next for listeners, and how it is he'll continue to cultivate the overall essence of his sound.

Check out Robin Harris Jr's EP "Black Merlot" here.

Hey there, Robin Harris Jr! Your EP release "Black Merlot" recently debuted! How does it feel now that your hard work has finally been put out into the music world?

What’s up BuzzMusic! First, I would like to say thanks again for always showing love! Ahh, it feels good to release “Black Merlot” and the feedback that it’s been getting early has been dope! This is my first project of the new decade and I wanted to showcase my growth as an artist.

Do you feel confident that your vision was executed in the way you intended it to be with "Black Merlot"?"Black Merlot" saw many collaborations with a variety of artists. Tell us more about your process of creating and recording, and how this changes when you collaborate with another artist?

Nothing was forced on this project, I just wanted to collab & vibe with other dope artists & musicians. Usually, when I work alone I just work at my own pace but it’s always good to get out of your own creative space and collaborate with other musicians. Each artist brought something unique and we got to capture it during the Black Merlot sessions.

You have an integral story to tell, as that was heavily presented throughout "Black Merlot". Are you able to share with our readers the overall theme of this EP, and what it is you wanted listeners to feel once listening to it?

Honestly, when I was creating this project I was just creating how I felt in the moment. I wanted it to be R&B vibes but I just let everything flow. I just wanted to give listeners some R&B sounds to vibe too.

Where would you say the majority of your content receives its inspiration from? Are there particular people or places you extract your ideas from in order to create your sound, or does it flow naturally right from your pure thoughts?

It's kind of interesting I usually create naturally based off of pure thoughts. I try not to overthink too much when creating because it restricts me at times. I enjoy creating based off of how I feel.

We appreciate the time, Robin Harris Jr! Where's the road taking you next regarding your sound? Are you planning on setting up any shows in order to perform your EP? I’m just enjoying the journey & the process of creating right now. I’m expecting to have a big year this 2020. I just want to release music & content for my fans & supporters. I’m also working on an album right now (no release date) but I plan to hit the road for some shows. I’m excited to get back to performing on stage again to play a lot of my new sounds.