Robson Santos Takes a Witty Approach to His Country’s Politics With His Song, “Golpe Do Urubu”

Rio de Janeiro born artist Robson Santos releases his entertaining song, “Golpe do Urubu”. Robert has lived in a variety of cities across Brazil, and in Cleveland, Ohio, and is currently residing in Belo Horizonte. Robson Santos is dedicated to sharing his homeland’s music with the rest of the world. He co-writes and works with artists such as Noato Luiz, Henrique Annes, Filó Machado, Amaury Angelo, Adriano Campagnani and others. With the release of his album titled 'Teimosia', featuring his hit “Golpe do Urubu” with Cibele Codonho, we are suitably impressed. We are equally captivated by his soothing brass melodies and well-rounded instrumentation.

“Golpe do Urubu” begins with jazz-like instrumentation and groovy brass melodies, together with light percussion and a variety of string elements. The underlying production also provides light chiming background synths, providing a lighthearted feel to the song. Listeners familiar with Robson’s music anticipate the arrival of Robson Santos’ crisp and deep vocals; he articulates each word. The song drew inspiration from the election in Brazil in 2018. Taking a sarcastic and witty approach to writing the track, he also desires to get his message across. He has taken a firm stance on his country’s politics. Robson Santos’ music has been distributed all over Brazil. His music is joyous. Robson Santos continues to work vigorously to share his tasteful sound with the rest of the world.

Listen to “Golpe do Urubu” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Robson Santos! We’re captivated by your sound and intrigued by your song “Golpe do Urubu”. What made you want to write the song around Brazil’s election?

The political situation in Brazil just before and after the election suggested That there were a lot of maneuvers to elect the present President. Fake news, robots, WhatsApp and Facebook illegal massive messages are examples of what happens. This motivated me to write a protest song with light sarcasm against this.

Your music serves incredibly well-rounded instrumentation, who were some artists that inspired you growing up?

Milton Nascimento, Djavan, Filo Machado, Beto Guedes and other artists of the “ Clube da Esquina” are among the artists that inspired me.

You’ve been recording and releasing music for over 20 years! Do you think your music has changed or grown over time?

Yes! Although the lyrics are somehow following the same tendency ( love, romance, social justice, humor) the harmony has grown with the help of fantastic Brazilian musicians.

Your music is something to see live. Any upcoming shows in the future?

We are preparing a ton of shows in Brazil. The show's name will be Terra which means ground. Only females musicians will be playing with me under the direction of Luisa Mitre, a great pianist. The first show is scheduled for the first week of May.