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Robyn Yearns To "Take It Back"

From releasing her first few tunes on SoundCloud to amassing a broad and loyal following, singer-songwriter and r&b recording artist, Robyn, wants to "Take It Back" and make it right in her recent emotional music video.

From Cape Town, South Africa, Robyn first released those debut tunes five years ago, and since then, she's proven to be quick on her way to becoming a staple r&b act. Through compelling releases like her single "Lost In My Thoughts," Robyn landed herself an Artist of the Year award for Cape Town's City Awards in 2021.

Back and better than ever, Robyn brought in a few more fans with her late 2021 hit, "Take It Back," and the song's equally heart-wrenching music video perfectly portrays those challenging times when all you desire is to be in the presence of that special someone once more. This is by far the most vulnerable and versatile song of Robyn's, and the cinematic music video offers a deeply woven layer of pain that's never easy to describe.

Diving into the music video for "Take It Back," the visuals open with quick close-up shots of Robyn that later transition into memories where she and a lover were once happily committed and sharing each other's lives. We then see those all-too-real and turbulent scenes of Robyn's co-star, Haze, packing his things in a rush and heading out the door.

Throughout the rest of the video, Robyn longs for him to return and strives to make it right in whatever way she can. This is an incredibly vulnerable and intimate music video that truly lets us into Robyn's personal life, but this aspect is tough to come by in such a commercial industry, so we sincerely appreciate such relatable and moving content from a young and dedicated recording artist.

Do yourself a favor and experience Robyn's captivating music video for "Take It Back," now available to watch on YouTube.

We're more than impressed with the profound passion and emotion you've presented in your music video for "Take It Back." What inspired the song itself?

"Take It Back" was inspired by feelings that were felt in the past, feelings that I wished I could've expressed out loud at the time. I wished I was the person I was in the past and knew that I grew from it. I also wanted to express a lot more feelings than my past records because I felt that that was what this record needed to be.

What was the shooting process like for the "Take It Back" music video? How did your team help bring your vision to life?

The shooting process for "Take It Back" was pretty straightforward as the song already told a story; all we had to do was bring the vision to life. We carefully strategized - as we wanted the video to show as much emotion as the record did, and I think it's safe to say we did an amazing job bringing those emotions to life on screen. We had chosen a vintage-like house to shoot in and added some really old props to bring you that nostalgic vintage feel of the song. It was a really valuable experience for me as I learned to share my art with people who are as invested in it as I am.

Have you worked with co-star Haze before? Did you feel there was some solid chemistry between the two of you on set for the "Take It Back" music video?

Haze and I haven't worked on screen before the "Take It Back" music video, but what I can say is the chemistry was definitely off the charts! We had so much fun on set, especially when we had to go into character. I remember at one point I couldn't stop laughing, and he just ended up laughing too. I've always felt like he's one of the people that truly understands me and my art. I'd definitely work with him again. He's one of my favorite people to have around, especially when it comes to music.

What did you want to make the viewer think and feel when experiencing the emotional music video for "Take It Back"?

I wanted them to feel like they could relate to certain parts of the video, if not the entire video. The emotion behind it was to make them see that some of us, if not most of us, are going through similar experiences. All I wanted for them to see was that we are all human. We just have different outlets to express ourselves.

What's next for you?

Next up is a feature with "Haze" called "Dream Machine." Which will be released in the next few months, and I promise you'll love this one. It's quite different from my past records as it has a more sci-fi feel to it. But keep your eyes peeled as there are so many more amazing records to come. You'll be asking questions like, "Where did this Robyn come from."

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