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Rock and Roll at Its Finest In New Video, "Nice To Meet Ya," By New Rock City

A vibrant and gifted duo out of NYC, New Rock City brings remarkable zest into the spotlight with their phenomenal gift for creating music. With steep waves of excellence from Kick's guitar playing, to Rosanno's exuberant and lively vocals, audiences get a marvelous blend of top-notch talent in the form of high-tempo, spirited intensity.

With a timeless brilliance of Rock and Roll sound and a plethora of vicarious energy, New Rock City flaunts their feverish flair in their new single "Nice To Meet Ya."

A pulsating guitar riff introduces the song followed by dazzling and seemingly effortless vocals. A riveting chorus demands listeners to full attention with crisp delivery and stout lyricism. It's the words within the writing that provide an undeniable feeling as "give me more" resonates so very suitably, while we just can't seem to get enough of this powerful tune.

As the song progresses into the bridge, the sultry and invigorating instrumentals breathe life into a palpable and dynamic atmosphere of smooth sensations. The creative and fascinating passion towards a glorious culmination of sonic intrigue is on full display, while the emotion portrayed simply cannot be denied. This piece is one that reigns true as a fierce example of originality and sentimental greatness.

We truly cannot wait to hear more of this extremely charismatic duo. While we shift our gears towards catching more of their great sound, be sure to check out their vividly entertaining official music video for "Nice To Meet Ya" on YouTube.



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