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Rock and Roll Lives On With Dinzy's New Release, "Turn My Mind Off"

Drenched in rain, dripping in black leather and pin-striped pants, Dinzy strikes her drumset with the intensity of the lightning cascading around her. Enveloping you into a rhythmic trance with a steadfast kick, a penetrating snare, and the crashing of cymbals; Dinzy’s, “Turn My Mind Off”, is nostalgic of the raw, edgy, head-banging classics of the early 1980s

In collaboration with Nashville sensation, Duende Vision, Dinzy delivers a thrilling, blast from the past; an ode to the glory days of MTV’s music videos. Through a dynamic vocal and percussive performance, “Turn My Mind Off”, is an interpretation of mental liberation and female empowerment, making it ever so relevant to today's climate.

Dinzy celebrates a notion of complete freedom; a breakaway from the chains of the mind that so often enslave us all. She describes a mental euphoria, the ability to treat her mind like an on-and-off switch. In a time where stress, anxiety, and overthinking are a common daily ritual, I think we can all find comfort in this idea. 

Singing with both strength and seduction, this LA-born rock n' roller encompasses the modern woman; an assertive woman cognisant of her health, her needs, and her worth. She is fiery, dominant, and never ashamed to speak her truth. "Turn My Mind Off" is sexy, yet a tasteful representation of modern-day feminism. 

In a tainted world where role models can be a rare find, Dinzy manages to impress in every regard and stand as an inspiration for young women. She is a true artist, exuding passion and professionalism, managing to carry the legacy of her predecessors with pride and respect. 

“Turn My Mind Off” is a breath of fresh air and a confirmation that rock and roll are still very much alive.


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