Rock Band Drop Top Alibi Leaves Us Speechless With Their Hard-Hitting Single “Take It All In Stride”

Toronto Band Drop Top Alibi is back and ready to rock with their latest single “Take It All In Stride”. Consisting of the musical works of Brandon Gregory, Dylan Wykes, Luc Ricci, and Jeff Cox, Drop Top Alibi has opened for staple rock band’s like Theory Of A Deadman, I Mother Earth, Finger Eleven, Wild! and Brkn Love. With new music coming this year, their latest single “Take It All In Stride” serves as a great leap into 2020. With complex rock instrumentation and fist-pumping drums, the track brings a beam of light out of Toronto and shines it on the rest of the world.

“Take It All In Stride” begins with mid-tempo acoustic guitar strumming, anticipating the ethereal vocal stylings of Drop Top Alibi. All leading up to the heavy rock instrumentation dropping that the chorus, elevating the tracks feel and providing a whole sound. With euphoric electric guitar hitting perfect power chords that whale overtop of the song’s rigid bass and vigorous drums. Incorporating ode’s to other rock legends through lyrics like “So this is what it’s like to love a rolling stone”, Drop Top Alibi is set on delivering their blended style of modern and classic rock. Exceptionally executing this on their track “Take It All In Stride”, they’re ready to make their mark in the music industry.

Listen to "Take It All in Stride" here.