Rock Collective Chris Lazer & The Bad Mofos Release Debut “Save Me”

Chris Lazer & The Bad Mofos is crazy combo of a singer/songwriter with a passion for rock'n'roll and they are nothing like you've ever seen before. Based in LA, they pull inspiration from everything from tradition singer/songwriters like Jason Mraz and Stevie Wonder to rock bands like Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and more. Frontman Chris Lazer wanted to be able to sing his powerful songs but knew something was missing. Enter The Bad Mofos, a bitchin’ band with exactly the sound Chris Lazer needed. Groundbreaking collective Chris Lazer & The Bad Mofos are planning to release their upcoming EP this fall that will blend genres together to create a fusion of tracks that are live, raw and full of passion.

“Save Me” is a refreshing rock tune that we’re grooving along to on repeat! Frontman Chris Lazer has versatile and infectious vocals that overpower the speakers with every note. The track focuses on self exploration and discovery. As humans, we’re always looking for a quick fix or someone to help us, but ultimately we need to look inside ourselves for the strength and perseverance we need. “Save Me” is laced with undertones of timeless classic rock arrangements while remaining contemporary and light-hearted. Chris Lazer & The Bad Mofos have an undeniably chemistry throughout their debut single “Save Me”. It’s an emotional and raw single about self awareness and empowerment. We love the groovy guitars and rhythmic textures as the band weaves us through every motion of the track. “Save Me” is an incredible launch for Chris Lazer & The Bad Mofos and we can’t wait to hear more! 

Rock out to “Save Me” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did Chris Lazer & The Bad Mofos come together? Did you know each other before the band formed?

Thank you for having us BuzzMusic super excited! Well thats a funny story I've been in the concept form of this band for about a year and finally in the beginning of this year it clicked. It all happened very randomly I was playing solo gigs around LA and I just would meet these amazing musicians who I vibed with and inspired me and together we formed something really special. The only person I knew before this was one of our singers Katelyn, we went to high school together and sang in our choir so its been amazing that when I started this and wanted some harmonies I called her up and was like you down to do some shows and she gladly said yes. I met Jay after we did a Lionel Richie tribute show and was like damn this woman can SANG and she's so vibrant and loving, I just knew we had to do some sort of music together and she's been a part since our first show at The Legendary Hotel Cafe last year. I met Max our bass player when he was doing sound for a show we got to chatting we vibed our old bass player came up to me told me he couldn't do the next show because he had finals and Max has played every show since. Max actually introduced me to Tito our guitar player and we just got along so great and I loved his vision for the band and the way he played and we've been jamming ever since. He kills its on Save Me our first song that we wrote and worked on together. We have a couple other members that play with us as well like Eric who I met after going to a show of his and I feel in love with his personality and he kills it on the Saxophone. The newest addition to the band is Rob and he produced our first single as well as played drums and we met because of Tito. So long story short you know its been serendipitous and magical meeting these amazing artists who I get to share the stage with. 

How does living in Los Angeles inspire your sound?

Living in LA inspires our sound because there are just so many talented people that come from all over the world to do music. I love latin rock and there are so many cultures of music out here and all live in harmony with each other. I love getting inspired by all the amazing artists that I get to see. I had a week when I went to a show every night because all of my friends and people that I admire were playing and its so beautiful to be able to go out and support all these amazing artists. Theres such a cool movement of indie rock thats going on right now and I live with two of the most powerful female rockstars in LA right now and they inspire me everyday. 

What’s the meaning behind your track “Save Me”? What inspired it?

Save me is one of the first songs that I wrote that was extremely personal to me. I wrote Save Me after I had a lethal overdose and the next day I wrote this song about taking a look at yourself and asking yourself to save yourself. It was a plea for help to myself and at the end of the day the first person who you need to save and thats going to save you is yourself. Thats why I wanted it to be the first single released because its the start of a new era for me and I wanted to be open about my struggles and show that people are flawed nobody is perfect and I think we forget that in this day in age with all these instagram models and fake artists with photoshop and autotune we never know whats real or fake. I want my music to be a refection of me real, raw, authentic and flawed.

What challenges have you faced as up and coming artists? How do you overcome these challenges?

We face challenges everyday there isn't an artist I know that isn't struggling right now. One personal struggle I faced was being told that I was too fat and too nerdy to be a rockstar. This same person also said I was one of the best live vocalist that they've ever heard. But that because the way I looked I would never make it into this industry. It broke my heart and my spirt for so long. I never wanted to be told that again and for the sake my music and my band I hit that gym and poured all the negativity that people have said about me and now nobody can tell me I don't look like a fucking rockstar because I feel like one.

What overall theme can your listeners expect from your upcoming debut EP?

The overall theme of this EP will be finding your inner strength and the person you can become. I want listeners to stop wishing on Better Days and Rise up and feel Free with our music. It's going to be a great adventure and I can't wait to embark on this journey together.


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