Rock Group El West Serves Us Their Powerful Single “Heavy Hitter” in New Music Video

From the desert of Phoenix AZ, El West has perfectly captured their take on Rock with their latest single “Heavy Hitter”. The group made up of Bryant Powell (Vocals/Guitar), Thomas Brenneman (Guitar), Ricky Powell (Bass), and Marty Welker (Drums). Known for powerful vocals and rhythmical drum patterns, El West provides dynamic instrumentation to support their authentic sound. Taking their up-beat music to a variety of audiences, and opening for groups like; Capital Cities, GROUPLOVE, The Chainsmokers, and others. With their anticipated album “Illume”, “Heavy Hitter” serves as an exceptional demonstration of what’s to be expected. Not to mention a forthcoming music video for the single.

The single “Heavy Hitter” begins with Marty Welker’s complex and up-beat drum patterns, anticipating the arrival of Ricky Powell’s gripping baseline. All while Thomas Brenneman’s bright electric guitar perfectly ties together the ambiance of the song. Bryant Powell stated "The inspiration behind "Heavy Hitter" stems from a dream.” His clear and powerful vocals only reinforce the songs' descriptive lyrics, and thoroughly capture the empowering dream-like imagery El West set to portray. With impeccable production and engineering from Beau Burchell, each instrument and chord is perfectly blended to create the song’s energetic and dominant sound. Their track “Heavy Hitter” is from their forthcoming album Illume.

Listen to El West's new song “Heavy Hitter” here.