Rock Mayfield Calls Out Phony Rappers In “Cuz I’mma’ Rapper”

Artist Rock Mayfield is a lyrical storyteller born in Racine, Wisconsin, but rooted not far from home in Burlington, Wisconsin. Raised by a single hardworking mother, Rock Mayfield was exposed to struggles and traumatic events early on in life. His father was incarcerated at the age of 5 and his cousin was murdered when he was in his freshman year. Rock’s life experiences took a toll on his own mental health and he became suicidal. Reflecting on the struggles and tragedies he faced, he decided to live and use his words through music to help and inspire others to live unapologetically. Rock Mayfield used music as an outlet for his emotions and aspired to help others in the process. Today, Rock Mayfield states his claim on the world of music. Determined to be a voice for those unwilling to speak for themselves, he decided to turn real life situations into words that would command the ears of listeners.

Early 2019, Rock Mayfield released a new track featuring Bizarre from D12 titled "Cuz I'mma' Rapper" where he pays homage to gangster rap and pokes fun at the current state of Hip-Hop. From quirky lyrics like “I don’t know how to pull up my pants.. Cuz I’mma’ Rapper, Why you always talk like that? Cuz I’mma’ Rapper” to real life facts like “Lean through a straw, you a joke like a prank call.”. “Cuzz I’mma’ Rapper” draws attention to the ridiculous trends that are running rampant through the music industry today. Rock Mayfield knows that true talent and being able to emotively put pen to paper and deliver flawless bars is the only thing that authentically makes you a rapper. I highly recommend you check out this track and vibe along. The song, “Cuz I'mma' Rapper” is currently available on all digital music platforms. Stay tuned for more from the artist. Be sure to search “Rock Mayfield” on Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud, and Amazon Music.

Check out “Cuz I’mma’ Rapper” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Rock Mayfield! Tell us about how you got into writing lyrics and rapping? How old were you?

I'm 24 and I got into writing lyrics at 13 by listening to Tupac and Eminem. Because I was able to relate and connect with them emotionally. Tupac and Eminem really made me want to rap.

What do you do to feed your passion for music everyday?

I listen to favorite rappers like Tupac,Eminem,D12,The Game, Snoop Dogg,Triggs, Joyner Lucas, Hopsin,Lil' Peep, Nothing Nowhere and favorite bands like Staind and Blink-182. Or I watch interviews and documentaries from my favorite artist and bands.

Tell us about “Cuz I’mma” Rapper”! How did you come up with the hilarious idea for this track? How did you manage to infuse humor into a dope song?

The title for the song "Cuz I'mma' Rapper" came about was through a little argument with one of my good friends Tony Lafronzo. He was trying to help me out by networking me with his friend Louis who also raps. Through a group chat on Facebook messenger and I didnt reply to the group chat. So the next time I saw Tony he was pissed at me because I didn't reach out to Louis and network with him. So Tony was like I was trying to help you out because you want to do music and move to L.A. like he did but you I dropped the ball. And me being half awake from working 3rd shift. I responded to Tony with this sarcastic response all like I don't know "Cuz I'mma' Rapper" and Tony was all like No! I was trying to help you out! But you dropped the ball and I again said "Cuz I'mma' Rapper" and Tony said I'm never helping you out again. And I replied "Cuz I'mma' Rapper" like 4 times and it annoyed him then I laughed because I was slapped happy after working 3rd shift. That was in 2017 I kept the title of the song and told myself maybe that could be a song some day. Then in 2018 I started writing the song out of being done with hearing these rappers mumbling and autotuning in there song's. And not even pronouncing a word in there rhymes. I wanted to take the listener on a journey of the influence Hip-Hop has had on all of us. Starting with my favorite era of Hip-Hop the 90's and early 2000's and how much of an influence Gangster Rap had on all of us even if you weren't gangbangin you still really loved and appreciated the music. Now it's like how did Hip-Hop go from that great era to now it doesn't even matter if actually saying anything. Some of the lines in the chorus stem from real life situations. People would ask me why I wear my hat the way I do lol or why you talk like or pull up your pants lol now it's not even intentional sagging I'm just really skinny lol. Or when I yell turn that loud rap music off right now! In the chorus. That came from my mom yelling at me as a teenager to turn it off because it would be blaring through my headphones lol. I told my mom that she inspired that line in my song and she started laughing really hard she loved it and thought it was really funny. Which I'm glad because I was trying to disrespect her in anyway I was just trying to make a joke. No different than Eminem whose one of my idols making jokes in song's.

How do your musical influences inspire you?

Simply to just be myself by remaining real and authentic lyrically. Not everyone will like that about my music. But that's what makes me me and it's fine if they don't like it. Because my music isn't for everyone but for my fanbase Mayfield Mafia

What would be your dream venue to perform?

My dream venue to perform at is to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York City someday. Because New York is where Hip-Hop originated at. It would just be an honor to perform there. To me it would be giving back to the artform I raised myself on. I know I have a very long way to go and many dues to pay in this business and a lot of respect to earn a lot to prove in this game. Before that happens but I believe I can do it. You know why? CUZ I'MMA' RAPPER!!!! HAHAHA MAYFIELD MAFIA!!

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