Rock n Roll This Holiday Season With Levi R. Moore

Taking the 1981 Billy Squier holiday rock track, "Christmas Is the Time to Say 'I Love You'" and adding his unique flair to it, Detroit native Levi R. Moore floods your speakers just in time for the holidays.

Coming from a musical family and starting his singing journey in his teen years, the now established essence of Levi R. Moore comes pouring in with the help of Chuck Alkazian, producer/engineer and owner of Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, MI. Encapsulating the raw rush of energy that comes from a live-off-the-floor performance, Levi R. Moore's powerful vocalization fuses with the prominent distinction of the warmth radiated in the electric instrumentation revisited.

The lush guitar riffs cascade over hefty percussion patterns that welcome you into a spectacular representation of this record as each jingling element glimmers upon the soundscape. Feeling a jolt of eager hues fill our very being, we get to experience the push and pull that this Billy Squier original brings to the table. Raking in a myriad of nostalgic memories that effortlessly float into your speakers, there's no denying the crisp amalgamation of talent and holiday cheer that resides in "Christmas Is The Time to Say 'I Love You.'"

There's nothing that says it's the holiday season quite like the reminiscent tenors of your old favorite hits charging up your sound system. With Levi R. Moore and Chuck Alkazian at the helm, you can expect the feel-good spirit to be in full force.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Levi R. Moore. We feel an immediate sense of holiday spirit fill our speakers when tapping into your latest single, "Christmas Is The Time to Say 'I Love You.'" What was it like bringing this vision to life with Chuck Alkazian?

Working with chuck is a blessing. We vibe well together and this was the perfect Christmas song to remake.

Chuck - How did you and Levi come to record this particular Christmas song?

Well, Levi really wanted to do a Christmas song! So I felt like we couldn't just do a super traditional song! Based on Levi’s personality and musical style, I suggested The Billy Squire song! Hardly anyone has ever covered it!

What significance does this track hold to you? Did you feel that was being carried out when executing the release?

We need uplifting fun holiday songs! And this song most definitely holds that spirit! Plus it takes us back to a happy fun time!

Could you please share a glimpse into what the recording process entailed?

Chuck: I basically recorded all the bed tracks in a few days and had Levi come in and cut vocals! Then we threw a ton of gang vocals in like the original!

Levi: It was a blast!

What would you like it to be if your audience could take away a central theme from this cover?

Chuck: I feel now more than ever we need to be positive and full of love!

Levi: You can never go wrong with a rocking Christmas jam!