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Rock Out To Anthony Lee Erik’s Latest Single “Thankless Dogs"

The New Jersey-based hard rock artist Anthony Lee Erik uses the guitar as his instrument of choice for storytelling. Anthony Lee Erik is able to break free from always sticking to one sound by constantly listening to and becoming influenced by other genres and styles of music, whatever the mood is he’ll write. Recently Anthony Lee Erik released his thought-provoking single “Thankless Dogs” and this already feels like a classic within the first minute of listening.

“Thankless Dogs” is one of those tunes where after you initially listen for the first time you won’t quite tell if you’ve heard it before, the nostalgia is high here, but don’t feel afraid, Anthony Lee Erik takes a completely modern approach as well. The vocal, for example, is incredibly intimate, it’s right up in your face like a modern pop tune, combined with the edgy guitars and sparkly drums, “Thankless Dogs” makes for an unforgettable experience. With lyrics like “mad dogs running, chasing shadows” we couldn’t help but feel about the storytelling about someone who has completely lost their sanity and chases after something that does not exist. “Thankless Dogs” is one wild ride that is full of energy and we cannot wait to hear what will be coming next with the new vocalist.

Listen to “Thankless Dogs” here.



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