Rock out to “Better Way” by Yigga Digga

Yigga Digga is an exciting heavy rock band hailing from Western, PA. The eclectic four-piece prides themselves on their no-gimmick, pure rock delivery. Yigga Digga is known for their big riffs, rock attitude, and their versatile ability to combine both hard rock and metal. They create an accessible sound that is reachable by fans of both genres alike! 

"Better Way is dedicated to those people who are just sort of stuck in life.  Whether its by decision or circumstance, some folks just can't seem to catch a break, and at some point after 'trading in tomorrow for today' enough times you find yourself saying 'there's gotta be a better way"

- Chris Semonik, lead vocals & guitar on Better Way

The use of melody in the verses throughout Yigga Digga’s song "Better Way” is a big part of what makes their sound unique. The vocal performances here have definite hard-rock energy to them, it’s a good moment within which listeners can get a clear and concise hold of the lyrics, the meaning behind the music, and at the same time feel a little closer to Yigga Digga as a band. "Better Way”  on the whole doesn’t come across as your average heavy metal recording, consistently there’s a strong presence of songwriting as opposed to just instrumental weight. The melody winds around in a simple and hypnotic manner during the verses, then there’s this brilliant build-up, the musical intensity beginning to rise, and then the spectacular hook and the resolve. The moment at which every moment meets and the sound and the concept concludes and satisfy. The guitar riffs spiraling out of control towards the end keep the mind engaged and mesmerized, and then the final bit of vocals bring that pinnacle of emotion and passion. The way Yigga Digga fuse creative songwriting and melody with this heavy metal edge is impressive and memorable. "Better Way” stays with you long after its end! Hopefully, there’s much more to come from Yigga Digga! 

Listen to "Better Way" here.