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Rock Out To The Latest Release From Fortunate Losers

The radical band Fortunate Losers may be in their early to late ’20s collectively, but individually they are incredibly talented and humble. All sharing the same goal; show the world what Fortunate Losers are made of!

Fortunate Losers released the trail-blazing hit “Midnight Face”, and after taking a listen to this song, we’re almost certain they will be proving to the world just how great they are soon! With an accomplished arrangement all the way from enticing guitars, electric vocals, and the combination of a badass percussion-soaked instrumenting, Fortunate Losers isn’t what you expect! They deliver a MAJOR transition that will have you shook to your core! Starting off slow, soft, and steady, they allow their listener to feel comfortably intertwined with the music before taking you on the ultimate Midnight Face Experience! You ever been on a rollercoaster that has your adrenaline on an all time rush? You know how it begins slow, building anticipation before that big drop that changes everything!? “Midnight Face” is most definitely that high-speed roller coaster, putting you on a musical high you quite can’t forget! The piercing vocals from Fortunate Losers is just one of many elements to the record that will leave you wanting more. Fortunate Losers is a well-polished band that put us on the edge of excitement, before allowing us to relax again during the closing of the record. Just like a rollercoaster, “Midnight Face” eases you back into the realm of relaxation, after you just experienced an addictive panoramic musical experience!

Listen to "Midnight Face" here and check out our exclusive interview with the band below.

Thank you for joining us Fortunate Losers! Despite the catchy and seemingly comical band name, what’s the main brand of you guys and the message you want to deliver to your listeners!?

We a bunch of hard working dudes from Canada. It's pretty simple. We love playing music and want to play sick tunes for kick ass people.

We LOVED “Midnight Face” ! How were you guys able to smoothly make the dynamic transition from soft to chaotic? Were there any challenges!?

We have some pretty awesome chemistry as a band, and we try to be conscious of tension and release when songwriting so this song was actually more exciting than challenging to write. The live version even has additional vocal harmonies and percussion to add to the dynamics.

What was the major theme surrounding “Midnight Face” and what inspired you to write this?

The last second urge to satisfy your deepest desires when things don't go to plan in a relationship.

Were there any specific arrangements both instrumental and lyrical you were aiming for?

We just wanted the music to serve the lyrics and melody.

What’s next for you guys? Mind telling us when the next exciting live show will be! We know you guys are gearing up for a gnarly summer of gigs and festivals!

We have a couple big things coming up! We're opening for Monster Truck June 28th in Sault Ste. Marie.

July 13th we're hosting a show with the legendary Ed The Sock (who was kind enough to interview our punkasses) 

We're playing Voodoo Rockfest in Napanee early August! 

Can't wait to see y'all out there!


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