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Rock Out To Wily Savage's "Snowblower"

When you envision Rock n Roll what is it that you envision? What’s the sound you imagine? What if we told you that an independent rock trio formed in Hollywood CA in 2017, called “Wily Savage” can bring your visions to light. With the release of their single titled “Snowblower". Wily Savage emphasizes on any singular idea of rock music. Blending all the founding elements while fusing in new contemporary sounds, Wily Savage manufactured a smashing hit that weaves between the lines of badass and careless.

Each member in this trio plays an important role in constructing the perfect hit song. Singer and guitarist Alon Burton brings powerfully precise vocal intensity, coupled with provocative and mindful lyrical content to serenade you in an electrifying manner while capturing your focus on the lyricism. Bassist, Martin Bo Jarski, is a classically trained European musician and composer, (British Academy of New Music, Krakow School of Jazz and Popular Music) bringing a tour de force writing style that transcends genre and seamlessly weaves together style and technique (pretty cool right?)-- he adds a specific and unique flavor to the sound that’s never been done before. And lastly, Drummer, Jeremy Morrow, is the backbone of the group, with his high energy and progressive style. He is a controlled explosion, and a force to be reckoned with! All together they unite as one fusion of music maniacs to bring you unforgettable hits like “Snowblower”. “Snowblower” begins with the intensified guitar riffs in the beginning before the boisterous and emphatic vocals transitions in, setting off an unstable and eruptive energy through your body! Perfect for any of you adrenaline rush junkies who loves listening to certain songs that can serve as a musical vitamin for whatever mood you’re in at the time! "Snowblower" is undeniably one of the most hard-hitting and discordant records I’ve heard in awhile! The vocalist knows how to keep the balance between brashful and chaotic, but melodically remaining on key with the chords from the guitarist and rhythm from the drummist.  You will be immensely attracted to a genre of music you may not have been appealed to previously, thanks to Wily Savage! From living in their cars with no connections to speak of, they’ve quickly cut their teeth on, and became a staple of the reinvigorated Sunset Strip rock scene.

Be sure to check out Wily Savage on Spotify, and catch the artist's exclusive interview below!

Hey Wily Savage! We love how you guys each contribute a special and unique factor to the trio. Were you three pursuing solo careers before coming together?                           

Alon, Jeremy and I were in another project together for nearly 8 years, after moving to LA and living in our cars for a while we started to establish ourselves in the Sunset Strip rock scene. A victim of culture shock and surrounded by drug addled sycophants, cocaine enhanced narcissism destroyed our band mate’s ability to work with others and our band fell apart. After an extended bout with depression, Jeremy and I decided to get off our asses and play some music together. Thus, Wily Savage was born. We we’re intent on enjoying music once more and made plans to meet up at Cascade Rehearsal Studios the following day. That night I went and wrote our first song “Snowblower” and we’ve not stopped since. Jeremy and I continued to play for a few months as a two piece and then we met this crazy European bassist at the Rainbow Bar. He was fresh on the scene from Chicago and looking for a band. I was a little hesitant at first, but, we tried it out and it just worked. Martin, Jeremy and I meshed musically, and, more importantly, ideologically. 

What’s the most fulfilling aspect in creating hit songs together? 

When it all just comes together and you’re like “I guess that’s a song now”. I really love when the inspiration hits, like it comes from some other dimension and the song just posses me. I really feel like most of the songs I’ve written have really just written themselves. The ones that haven’t just flowed out of me end up feeling contrived and subsequently get the chopping block. Really, the whole process is what we live for. 

Have you guys had a chance to perform live yet? If so which has been your favorite venue thus far!  

We have played many shows over the past year and a half, but, we’ve found a bit of a home at The Whisky A Go Go. The owners and staff have been extremely supportive and have given us incredible opportunities to open for national acts and even headline our own shows! We owe them a huge thank you for letting us cut our teeth in the venue that housed some of our biggest influences. We are honored to be part of a reinvigoration of the Sunset Strip revival! 

What is the meaning behind “Snowblower” ?

Snowblower is about cocaine and how it makes people think they’re impervious, important and that their shit don’t stink. It’s about a bunch of gacked out douche bags name dropping and telling you all the things that they can do for you, to no avail. It’s about being a shitty person and how it all inevitably crumbles. It’s also a fun party rock song you can dance to. 

Can we expect you guys to switch gears and ever deliver a subtle rock ballad?

Actually, our first single, Breathe Easy (on all major platforms), is exactly that and we have a newer sudo-ballad  protest song called Red Caps that we hope to record soon! We definitely glean influences from a multitude of musical genre and styles, so, you’ll hear some diversity throughout our sets.

What's next for the band through 2019?

We will be releasing our EP and commencing our first west coast tour in April and the plan is to tour the US as much as possible this year and get to Japan and Europe next year. We’re back in the studio to record our next Single “Panic” and an accompanying music video for an early summer release.


Connect with the band through their website and social media:


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