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Rock Out With Little King and Their New Song “Hate Counter”

February 23 | BuzzMusic

Little King has been making music since 1996 when Ryan Rosoff left his then band Tweed Quickly and formed a new band with fellow musicians Mike Esparza and Alex Lizarazo. Rosoff has written a lot of songs over his career and has made a name for himself and band Little King by playing shows across the country. Many musicians have made their contribution to the sound of Little King since its formation, but their most recent EP “Occam’s Foil” was the work of Ryan Rosoff (guitarist/lead singer), Manny Tejeda (bass), and Eddy Garcia (drums). They also invited other musicians onto the EP to add a new, fresh aspect to their music such as cello and violin.

Hate Counter” by Little King was released in 2019 on the EP “Occam’s Foil”, with a classic Rock & Roll sound and gritty, bold vocals. The song starts off strong with powerful guitar and drums, and the layered vocals add an expressive touch. Rosoff shows off his intricate guitar skills with a lengthy solo that captures the essence of the song and will have you jumping along at a live show. “Hate Counter” has that aggressive, hardcore feels to it that is at the core of all rock songs, and is one to check out if you’re in the mood for something fast-paced and compelling.

Listen to “Hate Counter” by Little King here.



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