Rock Out With Planet of Rhythm & Their New Single "Voodoo Woman"

Planet of Rhythm is bringing back good old rock n’ roll to the masses. Forming in 2014, this blues Rock/Hard Rock band is all about creating music as it should be played, without auto-tune and overproduction. Consisting of Doug Hafford (vocals), Elliot Jason (lead guitar), Greg Thomas (guitar, bass), Chad McKinsey (drums), and Juliet Roberts (vocals), Planet of Rhythm’s sound can be comparable to some of the greatest rock bands of the ’60s and ’70s.

The song "Voodoo Woman" from their most recent album Damaged Goods is a true representation of classic rock music. The instrumentation and vocals are unbelievable, highlighting each member’s specific musical talent. That guitar solo brings shivers down the spine and makes you want to jump up and get your body moving. Planet of Rhythm site artists Tom Petty, ZZ Top, Bob Seger, and CCR as influences for this album. Voodoo Woman is unquestionably reminiscent of these great acts. For fans of rock and roll, Planet of Rhythm’s Voodoo Woman is a must listen! The bands' goal of having a great time making music and bringing sensibility to blues-rock fans is definitely achieved through this song. You can feel the energy, drive, and good times as you rock out to this amazing tune.

Discover Planet of Rhythm's "Voodoo Woman" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Planet of Rhythm! We love your blues/classic rock sound! You mention the importance of making music without auto-tune and overproduction, did this make the recording process of your latest album fairly straightforward?

No, in fact, it makes it more difficult since we humans all make mistakes.  So we have to do many more takes, include more tracks on any one song, etc. But at the same time, that makes things much more fun. The collaboration, the exploration of sound from the various instruments and calling in specialist musicians all make it a marvelous experience.

Were all members of the band involved in the writing of Voodoo Woman?

I write all of the non–cover songs, but as noted above, collaboration is a key part of Planet of Rhythm. So in that sense, yes, everyone in the band has input and is encouraged to create.  It is very much a family-like environment.

Voodoo Woman is very guitar-heavy, which we love! How important is it to you to focus on the instrumentation?

Extremely! We spent significant time getting the guitars just right – mixing Gibson Explorer’s with Les Paul’s for example to carry that heavy rhythm. The drums, bass again had similar special attention to get the sound just right.  

Do you have any plans of taking the show on the road and touring?

We are working on our new record One Track Mind right now and plan to do some shows following its completion.  Albums are a long process for us so we do not have any set dates at this time.  

What’s next for Planet of Rhythm in 2020?

New album and performances, including some nice hard rock numbers – one of which is the title track One Track Mind – and our current favorite Nightmare Extreme. So more POR on the way!